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Mr. Stein, I have listened to you on the Regular Guys show. If you could just give me some advice or recommend someone you may know it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. I was recently arrested for possession of marijuana. I will just give a quick rundown of the events. Smyrna City Polic...

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Wreckless Driving  asked 3 Oct 2011
I was driving through a parking lot on Saturday and did not see a policeman who was walking accross to his car. He ticketed me for wreckless driving...what am I facing? ...

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I listen to on the radio with the regular guys and I have a question.I was selling my car to this young lady.She brought me a deposit of $960.00 and said she would be back in one week to pick up car and pay unpaid ballance $1540.00.It has been one month and now has caused me to get behind on my b...

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My brother got a DUI and possession charge. The advice he was given by an attorney is that in Cobb, as a first offender, the Public Defender could get it reduced and nolo contendre would apply. Any thoughts? I think he's being a dumb a&& not calling you, by the way.


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I work for a local rock band. Last June while I was moving some equipment, one of the larger and heavier cases on wheels rolled through a portion of the parking lot and hit another vehicle belonging to the valet company who are a third party of the venue I was at that evening. Minimal damasge w...