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Dear George Stein, Ten years ago my mom died. Shortly after that my dad had a trust set u p along with a Durable Power of Attorney, Healthcare Surrogate, etc and named me as his executor as I was the closest child. The trust was amended 5 times to include a new wife and then exlude the ex-wife when he got a divorce. Then he moved away and it was amended to make both myself and my brother executors as he was now closer than me. Recently my dad told me my brother had stolen as much as $30,000 from him. A few thousand has been returned but my dad no longer wanted him in charge of his estate. He was referred to a group to redo the trust by his broker. He told me the attorney was coming to his house to get the appropriate infomation which surprised me. When she delivered the documents, I actually spoke to her while she was at his house and asked if she was an attorney. She said no. She was just the paralegal. Yesterday he received a letter along with a receipt for his payment from a paralegal service in another state saying the documents were all prepared by her and as she was not an attorney, no attorney-client confidentiality would apply to their transactions either verbal or written. I'm wondering, do you think we can rely on these documents should something happen to him? Should we have an actual attorney review them? What would be the significance of her disclosing this information? Who would she give this information to? Finally, isn't this practicing law without a license or can a paralegal be licensed to do this? I love listening to you on the regular guys.

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