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Mr. Stein, Hello. I’m a big-time fan of the Regular Guys show and love you r segment. I’ve never had any problem with the law or any kind of dispute whatsoever, but recently two things have come up and I basically just need a simple answer to them: I have a former landlord that has not given me back my deposit yet after I moved(I moved out November 30). She’s…well, she’s unique; however, I’m getting the feeling I might no see it, but I do have e-mails of her stating she’s going to send it. What is the maximum time frame she can wait, or rather, what is the minimum amount of time I have to wait before taking her to claims court? I received a seatbelt ticket earlier this year and I literally forgot all about it. It was due on the 8th. What do I do to resolve it and approx. how much will it cost? I assume there is a penalty(though, I’d be grateful if there was a way around it!) Thank you for your consideration and this freaking amazing thing you do for fans.

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