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Hi, received a speeding ticket 12/26/2010. for 95/70mph and I have a CDL License. I paid all fines on 3/25/2011 not knowing that the ticket would later prevent me from gaining employment as a transport driver. I called the court after finding this out in November 2011. The Judge told me that i could petition the court to have a motion for the case to be set aside and be reheard. So I did this. the motion was denied. I called the judge and asked him why. He stated that GA State law prevented him from opening a case in November that was settled in March. But he told me if I could find an attorney that has or knows of any case law where a similar case was reopened and heard again he would be happy too look at it and try and help me out. Do you think you may be able to help me Thank you for your time and consideration

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