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Good afternoon George. I listen to you on the Regular Guys, and I've got a question about going to court without legal representation. My court date is in January. In court proceedings the defense has the right of discovery about the evidence that the State is going to show before the judge. This may include any radio transmissions, video taping etc. Do I have a right to get this evidence that they are going to use against me prior to the court date? And if I do, what are the steps that I need to take to get this evidence to support my claims that the officer's claim of running a stop sign and speeding are embellished and false. The reason that I ask is that the officer first said I ran a stop sign. He ran my license and saw that I've had one speeding ticket in the past 3 years. This doubles the fine. He then said that I was speeding and wrote a ticket for unlawful speeding 50 in a 35. I have proof from road tests that prove my vehicle (2005 Honda minivan)cannot get upto 50mph in the span between the two stop signs ( 1/11 of a mile) that the violation allegedly occurred. I believe that any recorded evidence that the officer has will show that I did stop at the stop sign and I was not speeding. Thank you and thanks for being the major sponsor of The Regular Guys!

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