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Expired Tag Ticket in Atlanta  asked 21 Jun 2010
I forgot about renewing my tag after my birthday and got a ticket for an expired tag shortly after my birthday. This is the first ticket for that I've ever gotten. I recieved my ticket by an atlanta city police officer in the city of Atlanta. He told me when he gave me the ticket that I could choose to "plead guilty" and just pay the fine which I planned on doing. When I called the next week to see how much the fine is, I was told by the court clerk that I had to appear in court and could not pay this. Is this normal for the city of Atlanta because I've never heard that I couldn't pay for this? She said that is a mandatory court appearance for expired tag / registration. The officer told me I could pay this, I would think he would know? And it even says on the back of the ticket "violations of: expired tag may be paid at the municipal court with valid documentation" but they still say I have to appear in court. Have you ever heard of this??? I would have thought I could just bring documentation to the clerk showing I have paid my tag fees and pay for the ticket. I know a few people who have gotten a ticket for this before but in other counties and they just paid it. Is this just Atlanta?

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