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Speeding ticket in Duluth  asked 22 Jun 2010
This is my first offense for speeding and I am unaware of the process in regards to the court proceedings. I have already found out the amount of the ticket, however I am concerned about the points. Is this something determined when I go to court? I plan to plead no-lo. I know I can only do this o...

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Expired Tag Ticket in Atlanta  asked 21 Jun 2010
I forgot about renewing my tag after my birthday and got a ticket for an expired tag shortly after my birthday. This is the first ticket for that I've ever gotten. I recieved my ticket by an atlanta city police officer in the city of Atlanta. He told me when he gave me the ticket that I could ch...

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There is a large lot of undeveloped land behind my home and a tree fell from their property into mine. It knocked down our fence, swingset, and one of our trees. I called Cobb County thinking it was county property but found out that it is owned by someone else. I have the name of the woman who own...

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I was recently arrested for posession of Cocaine although the amount was residue on a dollar bill. I also had a quarter ounce of Marijuana on me. I am a first time offender and I have already enrolled in a substance abuse program as ordered by my bond conditions, and I decided on my own to seek psyc...

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I was arrested for DUI in 1987-ish. I remember the arrresting officer asked if I had been drinking before he read me my Mirandas. I pleaded nolo and was sentenced to 1 yr. probation, $300 fine and a $25 dui class. (This is 1980s prices folks.) Since I was never read my Mirandas before the arrest...