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License Suspension from 1989  asked 29 Jun 2010
I live in Atlanta area. I went to change my address at the DMV, and the state of Pennsylvania put a hold on my license for under age drinking and a DUI same year. I went to court and thought everything was taken care off 20 plus years ago! 6 months total. Already started 4/22/10 - 10/21/10 Doe...

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DUI  asked 28 Jun 2010
I got a dui leaving a bar i blew a .083 he took me to have a blood test and it came back .o95 i dont know why, it was at least an hour later.my lawyer said we will plead guilty. I didnt request the blood test he said i had no choice....

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2 dui 2002  asked 28 Jun 2010
I get 2 dui's in 2002 and have not drove since, is there a time limit on when i can get my drivers licence back without all the hoops to jump throught? like a breathalizer and all that junk? mardemill1963@hotmail.com...

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George, A friend of mine got ridiculously drunk the other night in Gwinnette county. He was at a bar, and the last thing he remembers is his boss buying him and his friend a cab ride home. They didn't even make it out of the county. He remembers almost nothing except for getting beat rather h...

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Traffic accident  asked 26 Jun 2010
I switched from the left to right lane to make a right turn.The car behind me slowed down as I turned and the car behind him rear ended him. I made my turn and kept driving without incident. Am I legally required to stop and wait for the police? ...