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speeding ticket  asked 31 Jul 2010
I got a speeding ticket about a month back i was going down a hill behind 4 other cars in a construction zone and i was the last car in line and they were going faster than me and the cop pulled me over and said i clocked yall going 58 in a 40. There is no way i was going that fast is there a chance...

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Squatters rights  asked 30 Jul 2010
My next door neighbor has moved out of state and has decided to "let the bank have his home" according to another neighbor. There is no for sale sign nor a forclosure notice. It could be that this is one of those things that has fallen through the cracks paperwork wise and NO ONE is claiming owner...

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I was issued two citations. First, driving without a buckled seat belt (I almost always buckle up, but not this morning.) Second, crossing the "gore" while trying to enter I285 Westbound, going south on 141/Peachtree Industrial Blvd. I don't believe I crossed the gore, for reasons I can discuss l...

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I had asked a question on 6/16 regarding a tree that had fallen from someone else's land. I talked to their insurance and was denied any reimbursement for damages. I am told this is because the tree sits on about 16 acres of land and that the owner would not have known that the tree was dead. The tr...

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My husband's 16 yr old son has been living with him since april '09, (his son is not biologicaly his but he claims him either/or) however his ex is STILL to this day receiving full amount child support. (they have 2 kids together). The CS was court ordered to my husbands employer, not through CSE. W...