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DUI  asked 4 Sep 2010
Hi George. I hear you every week on the regular guys! My brother just got a DUI in Phenix City, AL. He was parked and talking to his wife in another car- on his street no less :( He has a tree/landscaping business with several vechicles so this is crucial to his livelihood. Anyway- do you have any...

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Labor pay rate laws  asked 27 Aug 2010
I work for a car dealership and am on commission only. I recently changed dealerships, was fed a line and the business here is terrible. I was one of the top sales people at my previois dealership but not doing well here. My questions is, I work approximately 53 hours a week and am on a time cloc...

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Hi George - I received a citation for, according to the issuing officer from a Riverdale cit

y police department in a small town south of metro Atlanta, going 45 in a school zone. I listen ...

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Labor Law  asked 24 Aug 2010
George, My previous employer terminated me while I was out having a baby. I was still in the hospital when the notice arrived. The seperation notice stated "lack of work" Can they do that? Also is there are statue of limitation on this if it is wrong?...

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Traffic Accident  asked 23 Aug 2010

I was turning left, I saw the other car coming but it was far enough away to slow and allow

me to cross. As I turned the other car didn't slow nor try evasive actions and it hit me in the ...