Zav Girl Autopsy Photos: Was She Caught For Selling Gannon Pics? (2024)

Zav Girl gets the users’ attention after the controversy of selling autopsy photos. Zav Girl autopsy photos began circulating online, causing outrage and disappointment among internet users.

Zav Girl is a true crime YouTuber who gets caught selling Autopsy Photos Of Gannon Stauch, who was murdered by his stepmother.

Stauch was an eleven-year-old kid who went missing in January 2020. After triggering a nationwide search, his stepmother, Letecia Stauch, was eventually kept on a prime suspect list.

A furious backlash has erupted against two true crime YouTubers, Zav Girl, and Natasha Cooper, as they allegedly charged their patrons to view gruesome autopsy photos of Gannon Stauch.

The shocking revelation sparked widespread online outrage, arguing that exploiting such a tragedy for self-gain is unethical.

It’s been over two years since Stauch’s missing, but he was recently in the headlines on social media. Currently, his autopsy pictures were shared online by the crime YouTubers.

Zav Girl autopsy photos now trend online as the creator faces heavy backlash against her actions.

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Zav Girl Autopsy Photos

Following Gannon Stauch’s death, his autopsy photos were widely circulated online. Such photographs are unethical and insulting to the departed and their families.

YouTubers Zav Girl and Natasha Cooper garnered a following by covering and discussing true crime cases for their audiences, but this time they went too far with the case.

Zav Girl earned over 92 thousand subscribers on YouTube, who describe her channel as a platform to give victims of tragic crimes a voice.

Reportedly, she holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and aims to engage in community discussions to achieve new insights into human behavior.

On the contrary, Natasha Cooper has a smaller subscriber base, with at least 2 thousand followers.

She focuses on creating awareness and discussing unsolved and solved crime cases, welcoming “respectful differing opinions,” and engaging with her viewers.

Despite claiming to have respectful community discussion, the YouTubers went too far, releasing autopsy photos of an 11-year-old boy who was brutally murdered by his stepmother.

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Moreover, Zav Girl and Natasha Cooper have Patreon profiles where they offer exclusive content to their subscribers, charging a specific fee structure.

The YouTubers now face severe backlash. Viewers suggested that they utilized Gannon Stauch’s autopsy photos to make money.

Screenshots circulating on social platforms show Cooper’s update on Patreon, stating that Zav Girl would be live-streaming crime scenes and autopsy photos.

Her post indicated that only subscribers starting at the $3 level or above could have access to the live stream.

Hence, netizens expressed their outrage and disgust at the content creators for profiting from a tragedy involving an eleven-year-old child.

Twitter and Reddit were flooded with condemnations directed at the content creators, condemning their actions as exploitative and despicable.

One user on the platform tweeted reading,

A new low for true crime. It’s absolutely despicable. Gannon Stauch was just 11 years old and the boy deserves his dignity in death. He was a CHILD who was brutally murdered. A line has been crossed. This is not good. I hope his family take action.

Similarly, #GannonStauch has been trending on Twitter. Also, many users urged Patreon and YouTube to take action against Zav Girl and Natasha Cooper.

They also called for the suspension of their accounts.

Users reported that exploiting a murdered child’s autopsy photos was deemed morbid, damaging, and unethical, with demands for Zav Girl to face the consequences for her actions.

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Was Zav Girl Caught For Selling Gannon Pics? Case Update

Zav Girl autopsy photos were trending online. But Zav Girl is a content creator who supposedly utilized Gannon Stauch’s autopsy photos to make money.

The content Zav Girl planned to release has been removed permanently from the platforms, including YouTube.

Users still demand the permanent suspension of their online accounts.

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During the case trial, details of Gannon Stauch’s autopsy were revealed.

The examination hinted that Gannon had fought back against his attacker. Viewers’ discretion is advised.

According to Dr. Susan Ignacio, Gannon had sustained 18 sharp-force injuries, four blunt force injuries, and a single gunshot wound.

She participated in the autopsy and testified about the injuries found on the 11-year-old’s body.

Gannon’s body was recovered lately and was in a decomposition state, with some bones visible.

Reports showed blunt force injuries to his head, including a hole in his jaw from the gunshot. The autopsy revealed the death as a homicide.

Moreover, a toxicology report revealed the presence of acetaminophen and hydrocodone in the young boy’s system.

While hydrocodone’s presence was deemed unusual, it remained unclear whether the boy had a prescription.

As suggested by KRDO, Gannon’s father, Al Stauch, reported that he had a prescription for hydrocodone but had not provided it to any of his kids.

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Zav Girl Autopsy Photos: Was She Caught For Selling Gannon Pics? (2024)
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