Who is Jonathan Nørmølle? The 'Owning Manhattan' bad boy is a thorn in Ryan Serhant's side (2024)

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  • Who is Jonathan Nørmølle? The ‘Owning Manhattan’ Bad Boy Is A Thorn In Ryan Serhant’s Side

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Real estate is cutthroat no matter where you live, but when it comes to the mean streets of New York City? It can be a bloodbath.

In Netflix’s Owning Manhattan, real estate mogul Ryan Serhant’s eponymous firm works day and night to sell homes in Manhattan to the uber-elite. Each agent has to work as hard as they can to win both a big paycheck —and Serhant’s approval. One of the most memorable stars of the series has been Jonathan Nørmølle, a confident agent that some people have been calling the “villain” of the season. Here is everything you need to know about this realtor for the rich.

What is Jonathan Nørmølle’s real estate background?

While there may be some parts of reality TV that are fake, Nørmølle is a real-life real estate agent. According to his Linkedin, Nørmølle was a broker for Compass for about three years before moving on to Serhant for a year. He boasts about having $100 million in sales for 2022 alone. Currently, Nørmølle has developed a team at Highline Residential called Jonathan Nørmølle’s Next Gen Team. According to his bio, he is “specializing in luxury homes, new developments, and investment properties” by serving “a diverse clientele, including crypto titans, artists, and celebrities both domestically and internationally.” You can go to his website to find out more about the impressive homes he has sold and which ones he currently has on the market.

What other work has Jonathan Nørmølle done?

Who is Jonathan Nørmølle? The 'Owning Manhattan' bad boy is a thorn in Ryan Serhant's side (3)

Along with real estate, Nørmølle has also been successful with another interest of his: modeling. With his bad boy tattoos, fit body and soft hair, it is no surprise that he wants to capitalize on his good looks. He is represented by Elite Models, where he has done shoots that have been about high fashion and his shirtless body. The magazines he has been in include Prestige, Gmaro, Volant and more. One thing is for sure, Nørmølle has a stylish presence that makes him a model that you just can’t look away from.

What is Jonathan Nørmølle’s Instagram? Is Jonathan Nørmølle on TikTok?

Want more of Nørmølle? He can be found on social media. His Instagram is @jonathannormolle, where he has over 400,000 followers. On this account, people can see some of his work, his journey, and some more modeling pictures. He also has a YouTube channel that is also @jonathannormolle that is supposed to “Dive into an insider’s view of the market, luxury properties, and the vibrant city life.” He explores the real estate world on this channel while also allowing people to get to know his next gen team. He does not appear to have a TIkTok or an X account, but there is still a lot of his life story to explore on social media,

Is Jonathan Nørmølle Single or Married?

Sorry ladies, it appears that this realtor is off the market. It appears that has a wife, Devon Nørmølle. His Instagram shows that the couple tied the knot in September of 2023. According to her Linkedin, she is an Assistant Account Executive at Rag & Bone. In the midst of their first year of marriage, the couple certainly seems smitten with each other.

What happened to Jonathan Nørmølle on Owning Manhattan? (SPOILERS)

Who is Jonathan Nørmølle? The 'Owning Manhattan' bad boy is a thorn in Ryan Serhant's side (4)

It was quickly clear on the series that Nørmølle was not going to be the sweetheart of the show. He quickly came across as pretty arrogant, a young hot-shot that thought highly of himself. Every reality show needs someone to bring a bit of drama, and Nørmølle was the person for that role, even if he is also one with handsome looks. One of the big moments of the series involved Nørmølle, when Serhant fired the agent from his company in the eighth and final episode of the season. The co*cky attitude might have been a bit of a factor, but the biggest was Nørmølle costing the company a nine million dollar deal. That was when Sehant could not take it anymore. However, Nørmølle told the Daily Mail, that he orchestrated this firing as a way to get out of his contract with Serhant, as he wanted to do his own thing. Is he telling the truth or is this a tactic to save face? Either way, it all makes for good entertainment.

Considering Nørmølle was fired from Serhant at the end of the first season, it is unlikely that he would return for a potential second season of Owning Manhattan. Also, considering the remarks he has made since his firing, it does not look like he wants to go back. It looks like someone else is going to take over his villainous position. In the meantime, Nørmølle will be focusing on his own real estate team as he keeps trying to climb his way to the top of Manhattan’s real estate market.


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Who is Jonathan Nørmølle? The 'Owning Manhattan' bad boy is a thorn in Ryan Serhant's side (2024)
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