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1997 on DOS
145 people
Releases by Date (by platform)
  • 1997 (DOS)
  • 1999 (Macintosh)
  • 2017 (Windows)
  • Interplay Productions, Inc.
  • SoftKey International, Inc.
  • Logicware, Inc.
  • Xatrix Entertainment, Inc.
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#10,536 of 24.5K
73% (27)
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  • #689 on DOS
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148 players
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North America

DOS Specs

ESRB Rating
Business Model
Media Type
Input Devices Supported/Optional
Gravis Gamepad, Keyboard, Mouse
Multiplayer Options
IPX, Modem, Null-modem cable
Number of Offline Players
1 Player
Number of Online Players
2-8 Players
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$9.99 new on Steam

Add-on (official)

  • Redneck Rampage: Cuss Pack (1997)
  • Redneck Rampage: Suckin' Grits on Route 66 (1998)

Add-on (unofficial)

  • So You Wanna Be A Redneck (1998)

Included in

  • Gamefest: Redneck Classics (2000)
  • Interplay: 15th Anniversary (1999)
  • Redneck Icechest of Value (1998)
  • Redneck Rampage: Family Reunion (1999)
  • Redneck Rampage: Family Reunion (1998)

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  • Redneck Rampage (1997 on Arcade)

Description official descriptions

Redneck Rampage is a pseudo-3D first person shooter much like Duke Nukem 3D, with 2D sprites for enemies and other objects. In fact, it uses the same Build engine as Duke Nukem 3D.

Redneck Rampage also has a singularly unique setting... instead of taking place in an alien installation or secret government facility, the game is set in the backwater small town of Hickston, Arkansas.

It seems that a bunch of tabloid leather-fetish cyborg aliens have abducted the town's stereotypical redneck inhabitants and cloned them. The aliens have also abducted Bessie, the prize pig of brothers Leonard and Bubba. As Leonard you'll have to fight the local yokel clones as well as the aliens throughout Hickston to rescue your pig.

The 'Redneck' theme is used very heavily. Levels range from trailer parks to chicken processing plants, and the arsenal of odd weapons include a gun that shoots circular saws, a TNT crossbow, and even a machine gun bra. Also, instead of armor and health kits, you restore health and become tougher by drinking whisky and eating pork rinds. But if you drink too much you go into "drunk mode" with blurred vision and stumbling movement.

Groups +

  • 2.5D Engine: Build
  • BPjS / BPjM indexed games
  • Game feature: In-game screenshot capture
  • Gameplay feature: Recordable replays
  • Redneck Rampage series



Credits (DOS version)

145 People (74 developers, 71 thanks) · View all

Original Concept
  • Drew Markham
  • Drew Markham
  • Drew Markham
  • Christopher M. Benson
  • Bill Dugan
  • Greg Goodrich
  • Rafael Paiz
Art Director
  • Michael Kaufman
  • Claire Praderie
Lead Level Design
  • Alex Mayberry
Level Design
  • Mal Blackwell
  • Sverre Kvernmo
Senior Artist
  • Jason Hoover
Technical Director
  • Barry Dempsey
Character Animation
  • Amit Doron
Additional Animation
  • George Karl
Character Design
  • Corky Lehmkuhl
Map Painters
  • Viktor Antonov
  • Matthias Beeguer
  • Stephan Burle
  • George Engel
  • Jake Garber
  • Jeff Himmel
Caracter Voices
  • Burton Gilliam (as Leonard)
  • Peggy Jo Jacobs (as Alien Vixen)
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Average score: 73% (based on 27 ratings)


Average score: 3.6 out of 5 (based on 83 ratings with 6 reviews)

Hilbilly-themed FPS, with unique written all over it

The Good
After Duke Nukem 3D was released to rave reviews, it was likely that other games were attempting to immediate its success, using the same engine that gave users a chance to interact with the environment, as well as boating other features. Xatrix Entertainment was one of the companies that produced a Build game, and I haven't heard of them before they released this game. The company previously worked on Cyberia and its sequel. But seeing how first-person shooters were becoming popular, Xatrix decided to jump ship.

The result was Redneck Rampage, a first-person shooter set in the fictional town of Hickston, Arkansas. Players control a hilbilly named Leonard, who, along with his brother Bubba, has to search for their kidnapped prized pig Bessie, who is held captive by aliens. This involves going around a series of locales that make up almost every level of the game killing everybody that stands in your way, and collecting up to three keys that are needed to progress to the level's exit.

The game offers some unique features not found in previous FPSes, such as the excellent music that comes on the CD. This blends well with the gameplay and, since the game changes songs mid-level, it doesn't get boring quickly. Also, instead of health packs, you get items such as beer, pork rinds, and moonshine. The best thing about these is that all of these have a side effect, you can either burp or fart (making it impossible to sneak up on enemies), or walk around erratically. Another unique feature is that they are no exit doors; most of the levels involve you finding your brother and hitting him with your crowbar, and killing him with weapons instead makes the level unwinnable.

The art style is also unique. The different locales include barnyards, a trailer park, chicken processing plant, bowling alley, and a drive-in movie theater. I can only remember these, but there are other ones. What I like about these locales is that there are a good source of exploration. You search every nook and cranny for the items that you need. However, one thing that I enjoyed most is the interactivity. You can shove animals out of the way, and even jump on them, to get to areas not accessible on foot. There are pigs, chickens, and cows. Shooting most of them will not do anything, but shooting the pigs causes them to take revenge.

As I said, there are different enemies you have to kill, and all these enemies have different taunts depending on which one you come across. Some will say “git off our land” while others will say something like “charge ye”. There are also some female vixens who are quite sexy but have the ability to cloak, and some gremlins that throw feces at you (I'm not kidding).

Each one of these enemies sprout some bad language if the Cuss Pack is installed, and I believe that this is a precursor to Kingpin: Life of Crime, another Xatrix game that contains bad language. There are a variety of weapons you can use against the enemies, and some of them are quite creative, such as the crossbow which is only effective against those mecha-aliens you may come across.

The Bad
Although creative, some of the weapons are useless. For example, the pistol that you start off with has a poor firing range compared to the one in Duke Nukem 3D, and the dogs in the game take about eight shots to kill with the shotgun. Also, as someone pointed out earlier, the humorous lines get tedious after a while. It was OK the first couple of ties, but after that...

The Bottom Line
Redneck Rampage is one of those games that cashes in on the success of Duke3D. The game is great. For me, walking around and exploring each locale thoroughly was a good thing, so is gunning down anyone who stands in the way. The level of interactivity is great, and the soundtrack really blends well with the gameplay. I believe that the game got a great reception, so it's no surprise that Xatrix went ahead and released two expansion packs for it – with even more locales and fighting. So if you want to play a FPS that shares the same quality with Duke3D, then I suggest you get this one.

DOS · by Katakis | カタキス (43087) · 2015

GET THIS GAME!!! You WON'T be sorry!

The Good
Everything! The levels were designed very intelligently. On one level where there was a house that had burned and was partially destroyed you could almost smell the fire. This was one of the best of all the games made with the Build engine. Xatrix programmed in some very nice features to the engine. Most of the levels for this game are realistic, real world style levels, nice outdoor areas, factories, car wreckers, trailer park etc....the asylum and old haunted house were two of the more creepy levels that really set the mood with the excellent sound effects. The game has CD music, not midi's really well done. The entire game is a satire about rednecks down south with lots of humour. This is one of those game I couldn't stop playing until I was finished it, I went on to buy the entire series of Redneck Rampage games and loved every one of them, well worth buying and the multiplayer is even more fun! Of course, to end each level you have to whack Bubba on the head with a crowbar, too funny and very original. Then there is the junkyard dog... the pitbul that attacks you on some levels, this thing made me jump, it never fails to scare me when it suddenly comes out of nowhere, all the levels are a joy to explore with little details that really set it apart from other games. The textures are superb! When this game came out it had the best textures of ANY game out there, even better than Quake 2 in my opinion and it is still better than most, if the game were done today with opengl it would be the best. The only game that had levels and textures at least as good was Kingpin, made by the same company, so no surprise there. I just can't say enough good about this game and could go on and on and on... it is now the end of 2002 and I still play it head to head against my wife and friends. It definately does not deserve the low rating it got. I honestly think it deserves at least a 4.5 or better (a 5 in my opinion).

The Bad
...thinking....thinking.... can't really think of anything I didn't like, about the only thing that I would have liked to see improved was maybe the character animation, but given the age of this game and the technology at the time, this is normal and doesn't really bother me, but I had to put something here I guess.

The Bottom Line
Fun game set in realistic, real world locations, complete with torn wallpaper, old mattresses (with springs sticking out in some cases) etc.... you're a redneck from the southern USA lacking a little in the brains department fighting your way through various communities, factories, barns, forests etc... etc... against aliens, chickens, pigs... you name it in an effort to find your retarded brother who is always getting lost somewhere. You drink whisky, cow pies, beer and Goo Goo clusters for health, moonshine to give you a boost, then there's the home made vacume cleaner diving helmet... etc... etc... this is NOT like other game, TONS of humour. You won't find a multiplayer game that is more fun than this I don't think... this is one of those classics that you simply MUST play at least once in your life.

DOS · by Neil Roy (8) · 2002

Just an OK Shooter

The Good
OK, the premise of this game is funny. Growing up in the deep south, I could appreciate the redneck humor here. So the drinking and eating pork rinds for health was pretty funny (as was getting drunk).

The Bad
The humor wears off after a while. Once the game stopped being funny to me, I no longer found the desire to play it and haven't touched it since.

The Bottom Line
Ultimately this is a 1st-person shooter game with some redneck humor that gets old after a while.

DOS · by AstroNerdBoy (35) · 2002

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Redneck Rampage is worth rescuing from the bum bin for the 8 song hoot & Holler soundtrack (that can be played in any standard CD player)

  1. Mojo Nixon - UFOs Big Rigs & BBQ
  2. The Beat Farmers - Baby's Liquored Up
  3. The Reverend Horton Heat - Nurture My Pig
  4. Cement Pond - Trash Can
  5. The Beat Farmers - Gettin' Drunk
  6. The Reverend Horton Heat - Wiggle Stick
  7. Cement Pond - Vixen
  8. Mojo Nixon - You Can't Kill Me


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