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DISCLAIMER: This list is primarily meant for poking fun at some of the bad takes this company have put out over the years. I do not condone nor support the harassment of any of the individuals that were involved in the making of any of these reviews, and if you are one who plans on doing that, I would heavily advise against that. There is always a big corporate executive you could rip into instead, so don't go after the other guys.

Gaming journalism is a joke, so let's all laugh at it for a bit, shall we?

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Pokémon Alpha Sapphire

7.8/10: Too Much Water. 'Nuff said.

Star Fox 2

Judging a SNES game made back in the mid-90's using the same merits they give to games released in 2017.

Call of Duty: Black Ops III

Giving a COD game a score as high as a 9.2 is already bad enough, but they also don't list any cons on the review whatsoever, so........ why isn't it a 10/10 then?

Sonic Unleashed

On top of several other invalid pieces of critique, there is a portion where the reviewer says the controls are unresponsive, and then in the footage, proceeds to jump OVER the dash pad and dies.

Uncharted 4: A Thief's End

It only gets a 9/10 because "the third act is too bloated", and it "lacks creativity"............. I mean, I'm not gonna argue scores, but did we even play the same game?

Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition

In this review, the video shows a major spoiler of the game without warning, the reviewer mispronounces characters names, has terrible audio quality, and gives the game an 8, stating it's the best version of Xenoblade Chronicles ever made, even though it is rated LOWER then both of the previous versions.......... gotta love an IGN classic.

Shin Megami Tensei V

I haven't played any of these games, nor any of the Persona games for that matter, but even I can tell that both of these series, while coming from the same franchise, are VERY different from each other....... wouldn't a professional game critic be able to see this as well?


According to the reviewer, the campaign of Doom 2016 feels too much like old-school shooters, and the multiplayer mode feels too much like newer shooters............ these are the same people that gave COD 8s and 9s across the board, just wanna put that out there.

Pokémon Sword

Best Pokemon games of all time, eh? When it looks like that? And it's lacking a lot of the content from older games? And you've played ALL of the others too? Alright, sure buddy, whatever you say there.

Days Gone

Alright, I can't speak on behalf of this one, because I have literally no knowledge of this game or what it is like whatsover, but... I dunno, man, those 53k+ dislikes gotta be mad at something. Educate me down below so I can know why they are stupid in this case.

Alien: Isolation

Fade In

Video Game Journalism Hospital

We see one of many IGN reviewers lying in a hospital bed, while a doctor on staff and Mega are standing by his bed.

How bad is it Doc?

looking at paper on clipboard "Oh, it's pretty bad... it's one of the biggest cases of skill issue that I have ever seen... and what's worse is that it is potentially fatal."

...........jesus christ...

Death Stranding

I'm not even sure if this one can qualify for the list, as people seem to be pretty split on this review, much like the game itself. I can't throw in my 2 cents, since I haven't played it, but f*ck it, who cares. Whenever I eventually play it, I will update this to say why it's actually great or awful.

SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom - Rehydrated

According to the reviewer, this game apparently feels way too similar to the original 2003 game. See, this right here is important to keep in mind, because when they say this, you can actually see the hamster wheel spinning up in that head of his. He is slowly figuring out what a remake is, I'm so proud of him!

Also, according to the reviewer, this game is apparently "too kid-friendly"..................... MY DUDE...... it is a SPONGEBOB game. What, were you expecting a f*ck? Did you want SpongeBob to say f*ck? Cause there's an entire episode about that.

The Last of Us Part II

Fun Fact: The reviewer for The Last of Us Part II on IGN, as of me making this list, actually works at Naughty Dog................ yeeeeeeeeeep. Definitely no bias there.


laughing hard.........

breathing from exhaustion I'm sorry, just... give me a moment... give me a- devolves into wheezing and laughing some more...

sigh, sorry, it's just so funny, because, snicker.... when IGN reviewed Evolve.... they gave it a 9/10! A 9 FOR THIS GAME, BRO! starts laughing hard again, falling off of chair and kicking legs in the air while laughing

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Before you say anything, this choice is NOT based on IGN's review of Breath of the Wild, but instead, it is for their review of the Nintendo Switch itself. The only reason why I chose BOTW to represent it was because it was a launch title, so there ya go.

Anyway, get a load of this, right? They gave the Nintendo Switch a 7/10, which could be seen as reasonable when you REALLY think about it (for 2017, anyway), but then you realize that they also gave the Wii U an 8/10, and this just makes me sit there and think "................ what the fu-"


disappointed sigh....... ok.

So, back when Prey was originally reviewed by IGN, it got a 4/10, and the primary reason why this happened was because the guy who was reviewing the game encountered a game-breaking bug. However, after this was patched out of the game, they went back and reviewed it again, now giving the game an 8/10................. I have no joke for that, that is genuinely pathetic. That is so dumb, so idiotic, that you even managed to make the guy who gave a multi-paragraph review to Jack in the Dark(me, if you couldn't tell) SPEECHLESS. HOW DO YOU DO THAT?!

New Super Mario Bros. U

Here's a fun drinking game: take a shot every time the IGN reviewer for NSMBU makes a contradiction in his review. By the end of the review, you will literally be dead.

Kirby Triple Deluxe

So this game managed to get a 6/10 from the boys and girls at IGN, primarily because the game has a "forgettable story mode" and that it is "too easy"..... so first of all, I'm not sure how you can look at Hypernova Kirby and the fight against Queen Sectonia and call any of that forgettable, and secondly, IT'S A KIRBY GAME! IT'S SUPPOSED TO BE EASY!

Mortal Kombat X

In one of the most odd pieces of criticism I have ever heard about any game ever, the reviewer of Mortal Kombat X says that they don't like the fact that characters can fight and kill their own family members in versus mode........................ it's almost like the concept of fighting games is completely alien to this person, and they are horrified as a result.

Metroid Prime: Federation Force

This one is strange, because if you go to this review they made, it is clearly titled "Metroid Prime Federation Force Review", right? However, from what I'm seeing in this video, there is no actual review to be found here! Is this meant to be a test? Like, am I supposed to put the pieces together to find out how they actually feel about the game? I dunno, but I'm gonna get to the bottom of this!

NBA 2K20

Rating any of these games anything more then a 1 out of 10 is already a crime against nature, but giving a 7.8 to a game that, according to YouTube comments, is apparently one giant slot machine full of microtransactions........... sigh, don't ever change, IGN, you stupid bastards.

No More Heroes III

Man, those are some pretty interesting complaints you are throwing out there, Mr. Reviewer... all of them sound like the things that people LIKE from NMH and Suda51 games. I mean, I know taste is subjective and all that, but frankly, you have sh*t taste.

Super Monkey Ball: Banana Mania

Well, it looks like somebody doesn't like to have fun around here. Also, you're complaining about the game having a lot to do? Oh no, I'm gonna get a lot of playtime out of my game, making the $60 I spent on it worth it! WHAT DO I DO?!

Contra: Operation Galuga

IGN Reviewer: plays and reviews a Contra game

Also IGN Reviewer: proceeds to complain about the fact that the game is a Contra game

Ah yes, it appears the floor is made out of floor.... why isn't it made out of roof or wall?! 6/10.


2 days ago

As someone who doesn't care for IGN, I'll play devil's advocate for two entries. Ruby and Sapphire do have an abundance of water traversal in it compared to others games. Which leads to less type variety, less interesting scenery, and an abundance of random encounters since it's basically all tall grass.

For Black Ops III, I'm not arguing for it's score but I have played 9/10 games that I don't have cons for. Some games do everything they set out to do but they just simply don't hit as hard a 10/10 game.


2 days ago

Don't forget the God Hand review


2 days ago

I'll defend some of this stuff here. Review scores are not exactly a great idea, but if you're a big conglomerate of course there's gonna be some inconsistency. If I was put on the IGN team I'd say that Mario World is kinda meh, and I don't think it's fair to say that the website is wrong because someone will rereview it saying it's the best one. That's not to defend actual vile crap IGN has done, but they aren't a hivemind.


1 day ago

Don’t forget Dead Cells!


5 hrs ago

Pokemon Sapphire/Ruby is the worst gen because of all the freaking water. IGN is actually correct.


5 hrs ago

Other thoughts:
I wish you had put the IGN score in each, so I didn't have to look them up.
Days Gone got a 6.5. I remember seeing a youtube video talking about all the downvotes/negative reaction IGN got before people even had a chance to review it. However, this game should probably be a 7.5-8.5. It's got a bit of fun.
Alien Isolation got a 5.9... yeah, that's bad. Bro admitted to dying hundreds of times in 15-20 hour game. That's... that's really bad.
Death Stranding is tough. In part because it's a game that's near impossible to score with a modern lens. This game can be anywhere from a 5.5 to a 10 depending on how open to it's weirdness the reviewer is.
Your Spongebob comments had me rofl
TLOU2 got a 10?! AND it's the same person who reviewed Spongebob and gave it a 5 with those comments? AND they gave Kingdom Hearts 3 an 8.8. OMG... stop the freaking presses. This same person reviewed the Spyro remake trilogy and gave it an 8.5. I'm flabbergasted. Not because the Spyro trilogy is bad, but it and Spongebob are the same kind of remakes.
That Prey story is amazing


5 hrs ago

The Sonic Unleashed review lives rent free in my head to this day LOL




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