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Digital Banking | First Bank (1)

First Bank Online Banking

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My First Bank Mobile App

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Online BankingBusiness Online BankingCash Management Online Suite
Has a Mobile AppYesYesNo
Ability to view First Bank deposit and loan accountsYesYesYes
Ability to view transaction historyYesYesYes
Includes consumer Online Bill PayYes1NoNo
Includes Business Online Bill PayNoYes1Yes1
Ability to view and download statementsYesYesYes
Ability to view and print check images, deposit tickets, and deposited itemsYesYes,Yes
Ability to initiate and view stop paymentsYes, online only1Yes, online only1Yes1
Ability to initiate transfers between First Bank accountsNoYesYes
Ability to initiate external transfers between First Bank accounts and non‐First Bank accountsNoNoYes1
Access toAutobooksto manage customer paymentYes1Yes1Yes1
Ability to enroll and manageeStatementsYesYesYes
Ability to order checksYes1NoNo
Ability to provide limited access to a third party (such as a CPA or accountant)NoYesYes
Ability to provide limited access to employeesNoYesYes
Ability to manage all your businesses in one Online Banking sessionNoYesYes
Has monthly feeNoNoYes1
Ability to send ACH paymentsNoNoYes1
Ability to send domestic wiresNoNoYes1
Includes secure file transmissionNoNoYes
Ability to import filesNoNoYes
IncludesPositive PayNoNoYes1
Level of security enhancementsTwo‐factor authentication, out of band authorizationTwo‐factor authentication, out of band authorizationTwo‐factor authentication, unique username and password, IP address restriction, unique wire PIN, ACH and wire limits per user

Online Banking and our My First Bank Mobile App includes these complimentary tools, too.

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Personal Banking

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Digital Banking | First Bank (9)

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Digital Banking | First Bank (11)

Digital Banking

Online Bill Pay is easy, secure, and saves you money.

Eliminate the cost of stamps, envelopes and checks.

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Digital Banking FAQs

Digital Banking | First Bank (12)

Enrolling in eStatements is quick and easy! Log in to First Bank Online Banking or My First Bank Mobile App.

  • Choose Accounts
  • Click on the account you wish to enroll
  • Choose Settings
  • Under Documents, choose Enroll then click Save

To add an external transfer account within your First Bank Mobile App, please follow these steps.

1. On the top left, click the 3 lines for the menu.

2. Select Your Name/Settings, which will be at the bottom of the page.

3. Under Accounts, Select “Add Account”

4. You can either “Link an account” with supported financial institutions or “set up an external transfer account”.

You can deposit a check any time from the First Bank Mobile App!Ensure your check is properly endorsed. In addition to signing the back of your check, please write 'Mobile Deposit Only' below your signature. Once your check is properly endorsed, navigate to the 'Deposit' option in the app's main menu. You will be prompted to enter the amount on the check.Next, you will need to capture images of the front and back of your check. Ensure that the check is placed on a flat, well-lit surface for clear imaging. Aftersubmitting, you will receive a confirmation message on your screenstatingthat your check deposit has been received and is under review. Once approved, you will receive an email confirmation. Afteryou’veconfirmed that your check has been credited to your account, we recommend securely storing your paper check for14 days. After that, you should destroy the paper check by putting it through a paper shredder.

You can enroll your account for Bill Payeither on desktop or mobile. Click Bill Pay from the dashboard and then enroll.

After successfully enrolling in bill pay, click on “Bill Pay”,then navigate to Payees. From thepayeesmenu, click “Add a Payee” and follow the prompts.



Digital Banking | First Bank (13)


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Digital Banking | First Bank (2024)
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