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I purchased a couple of single family homes. They were rental properties and I never lived in any of them. I sold the homes several years later. Recently I was laid off and as part of the process of looking for another opportunity, I checked my credit report and scores (since that is what potent...

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I would like your advice please on the following but I didn't want to go on the radio with this story since it sounds so white trash. A few years ago my ex husband had our son arrested for domestic violence for getting into a fight at the school bus stop with his own brother after the younger o...

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Being a Designated Driver  asked 2 Jun 2010
If your the D D. can you drink the non-alcoholic beer and still drive if you get checked ...

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I was recently arrested for posession of Cocaine although the amount was residue on a dollar bill. I also had a quarter ounce of Marijuana on me. I am a first time offender and I have already enrolled in a substance abuse program as ordered by my bond conditions, and I decided on my own to seek psyc...

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expungement  asked 13 Feb 2010

I was charged with: · Disorderly conduct (3 times) · Misusing 911 · Hitting a cop (not sure I did this one.) Family violence But all the charges were dismissed but they all showed up on my background check. With those changes I’m I eligible ...