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Good morning Mr. Stein. I have a question concerning the accuracy of information written on a Traffic Citation. A couple weeks ago, I was cited for 2 tickets. Failure to Stop at a Stop sign and speeding 50 in a 35. The officer said that I didn't touch my brakes as I approached the stop sign at a ...

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Peteetong Gentlemen, I have a traffic law oriented question for the great George Stein that I've been dying to ask him. Unfortunately, I always seem to be driving to work in the morning when he shows up in your studio, and I'm one of those rare breed that actively tries to avoid talking on the ...

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Hello George, I am a long time listener of The Regular Guys, and just love your segment. I wasn't able to call in this morning. Sister had garage sale (dumb move) and sold husband's lawnmower to neighbor's adult kid for more $$ than husband told her to when husband wasn't there. Husband came h...

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George, I have been listening to you for years on the Regular Guys and always get a good laugh from your segments and the unfortunate souls who run upon the wrong side of the law. I could never identify with them until now. Here is my problem. Park Atlanta is a parking management sub contracto...

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Expired Tag Ticket in Atlanta  asked 21 Jun 2010
I forgot about renewing my tag after my birthday and got a ticket for an expired tag shortly after my birthday. This is the first ticket for that I've ever gotten. I recieved my ticket by an atlanta city police officer in the city of Atlanta. He told me when he gave me the ticket that I could ch...

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Long story short, some idiot above me in the condo caused a flood which ruined 19 units. Building management hired some God-awful company that's just plain slow and more than a little sketchy to pull up the hardwood floors and put new ones in. The company somehow convinced building management my ...

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I failed to make a complete stop in a neighborhood, and forgot the court date. Just remembered and looked it up online. Can pay online, I'm 5 days late. Should I pay it, would they allow it to be rescheduled and would it be possible to get fee reduced and no points? Was in Fulton County...

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Traffic Accident  asked 23 Aug 2010

I was turning left, I saw the other car coming but it was far enough away to slow and allow

me to cross. As I turned the other car didn't slow nor try evasive actions and it hit me in the ...

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Littering ticket  asked 4 Jan 2010

My girlfriend got a ticket in Rockdale county for throwing a cigarette butt out her car win dow. She called to get her fine amount and was told it is $700. She is going to go to court to try to fi...

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George, I really enjoy your segment on The Regular Guys; you're great at what you do. My brother is going through some rough times and he's living with me in Duluth. He relocated from Massachusetts and is currently working. He has a daughter in Mass. and a baby son living with us. He is payin...

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Bankruptcy  asked 10 Mar 2010
I am considering bankruptcy. My auto is financed in my name as well as my mom's. I do not want to harm my moms credit. Is there any way to do this? I would like to keep the vehcile but the payment is too high. ...

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Custody  asked 10 May 2010

George, w spoke briefly this morning on the Regular Guys show. I didn't want to give full details, because it's kind of a weird situation. The long and short is that I want to be seen as a 100% equal parent in the eyes of the law and school system.

At the time of our divorce, my wife ma...

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I listen to the Regular Guys radio show. This question come from Dallas Texas. I just received a ticket for an illegal right turn on red at 10:30 at night. I was told by the officer that there was a sign that the right turn on red was illegal but had never noticed it since I just moved to Dall...

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DUI in own yard  asked 19 Jan 2013
A friend of mine backed into his son's Douglas county issued truck in his own (not his son's) driveway. His son called his supervisor who in turn called GSP. He was given a DUI although he never left his own driveway. Can they do this?...

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Mr. Stein, I was not able to get through on the Regular Guys morning show on 100.5 to ask you a question. I was recently written a citation for "animal at large" in Forsyth County. My dog got off of his leash while I was taking him to the bathroom and some lady freaked about it. After the offi...

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I listen to the regular guys and have heard you give legal advice to callers. I have a question. My daughter is special needs and goes to public school last week she was left unsupervised to go the bathroom there was another special needs student (male) that went into the bathroom with her crawle...

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firearm possesion  asked 11 Jan 2010
I wanted to know if a misdemeanor violation of a TPO aka misdemeanor stalking could prevent me from buying, owning or carrying a firearm? The incident was over five years ago but I wasn't sure if GA considered that a domestic violence crime. The incident happened when I was 18 and my girlfriend was ...

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Traffic accident  asked 26 Jun 2010
I switched from the left to right lane to make a right turn.The car behind me slowed down as I turned and the car behind him rear ended him. I made my turn and kept driving without incident. Am I legally required to stop and wait for the police? ...

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fake id use in South Carolina   asked 5 Apr 2010
My son went to Charleston 2 weeks ago and was caught for using a fake ID He was written a ticket (to which he has lost) he called the court system to learn he has a mandatory court date next week. Do we need to seek council and if so, do we need to do so in Georgia or South Carolina? ...

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I got nailed going 86 in a 70 zone on 75 near Dalton. My uncle-in-law (a lawyer, not criminal) called about the charge and was told that the super-speeder was four points on my record and that I needed to ask the judge to go to Defensive Driving school. There was no attempt to ask to drop the sp...

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Red light camera violation  asked 3 May 2010
Heard a listener talk about this briefly last Thursday. What is your advise if I received a red light camera citation, ordering to pay $70?...

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License Suspension  asked 18 Sep 2011
I recently received notice that my driver's license was suspended due to accumulation of points. The notice shows four tickets on my record: Disposition Violation Points 9/6/11 7/25/11 3 8/31/11 7/16/11 6 7/22/11 7/6/11 3 12/7/0...

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Fast Driving Award  asked 14 Apr 2013
I got a ticket Friday in Doraville for doing 54 in a 35. Read something about 2 points on my insurance and the officer couldn't tell me what the ticket would cost me. Can you tell me what to do or not do to make this incident the least damaging to my insurance, driving record and especially my p...

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George, I was cited doing 54 in a 35. When I would not sign the citation he also cited me for failure to sign citation. I know I was only doing 45 what should I do to beat these or at least get it lowered to 49 in a 35?...

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My son was at the Braves game last Saturday and was arrested for sexual battery. In retr ospect it was a stupid thing to do, but he did that thing where you touch the top of somebody's chest and ...

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I purchased a couple of single family homes. They were rental properties and I never lived in any of them. I sold the homes several years later. Recently I was laid off and as part of the process of looking for another opportunity, I checked my credit report and scores (since that is what potent...

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I would like your advice please on the following but I didn't want to go on the radio with this story since it sounds so white trash. A few years ago my ex husband had our son arrested for domestic violence for getting into a fight at the school bus stop with his own brother after the younger o...

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Being a Designated Driver  asked 2 Jun 2010
If your the D D. can you drink the non-alcoholic beer and still drive if you get checked ...

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I was recently arrested for posession of Cocaine although the amount was residue on a dollar bill. I also had a quarter ounce of Marijuana on me. I am a first time offender and I have already enrolled in a substance abuse program as ordered by my bond conditions, and I decided on my own to seek psyc...

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expungement  asked 13 Feb 2010

I was charged with: · Disorderly conduct (3 times) · Misusing 911 · Hitting a cop (not sure I did this one.) Family violence But all the charges were dismissed but they all showed up on my background check. With those changes I’m I eligible ...

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Super Speeder on record  asked 5 Nov 2011
I received a super speeder ticket on 12/26/2010 (95 in 70) I did not dispute and paid all fines. My problem is that I am a CDL Driver and the super speeder ticket is stopping me from getting a good job with a great company. They are not looking at points they are looking at that specific incident 2...

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I got a citation from Morgan County for going 73 in a 55-zone of Hwy-441 near Madison. The fine is $180. I was wondering if it would be worth it to make he court appearance to try to minimize the effect on my car insurance. I am 21 years old, and I don't know how it will affect the insurance rates, ...

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Super Speeder  asked 29 Apr 2012
Ok so I was busted in a 45 mph zone going 71mph in Milledgeville. Does this constitute anything from the super speeder law? I have only read so far that the law only comes in effect for going 75mph on a two lane road and 85mph on a Ga highway. I was on a 4 lane (two lanes going one direction, two ...

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Speeding ticket lost!  asked 31 May 2011
Heya, George! Back in May around Mother's Day I got a speeding ticket (going 12 over the speed limit) around Columbus, GA. I've been waiting since then for the Trooper to turn the ticket in to local Columbus Police but it looks like they've not brought it yet. I live in Atlanta and didn't want to m...

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Obstruction of Intersection  asked 17 Mar 2010

Peeteetong, I recieved a ticket this morning for obstruction of an intersection (I was clearly in the wrong). I have a spotless driving record and had hoped I would get a warning but that didnt happen! I would like to get out of this ticket. What are my options; should I retain lawyer servic...

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I was pulled over at a check point @ 9:40am in Buford, GA. It was raining, and I recieved a citation for not having my headlights on. In violation of code 40-8-20. I thought you were only required to have headlights on while raining on highways. Are headlights required to be on in the rain a...

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Following a car through a green light at a regular distance. Just before they entered the intersection the light turned yellow. SHE proceeded to slam on the brakes. With my larger car, slower reflexes and longer stopping distance, I hit her just inside the intersection. She had not even come ...

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Lease Problems  asked 28 Mar 2011
My girlfriend just split with her ex. Problem is they have an apartment together and the lease says " each person, corporation, or roommate who signs this lease or any guarantor under a separate guarantor's contract is jointly and severally liable for all rent or other charges which come due. m...

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me and my wife got into it. i threaten to hit her and cause physical harm. so i got arrested for those charges. what do u think the judge may do with my case? i have no priors for this and this is first time ive been arrested before....

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Good afternoon George, I didn't get time to go on air to ask my question on today's Regular Guys show so here is my brief situation. I was a part of my friends wedding in Florida over the weekend. It all started when we were leaving the wedding reception at the bride's father's golf course. I...

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Mr. Stein, I have listened to you on the Regular Guys show. If you could just give me some advice or recommend someone you may know it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. I was recently arrested for possession of marijuana. I will just give a quick rundown of the events. Smyrna City Polic...

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Wreckless Driving  asked 3 Oct 2011
I was driving through a parking lot on Saturday and did not see a policeman who was walking accross to his car. He ticketed me for wreckless driving...what am I facing? ...

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I listen to on the radio with the regular guys and I have a question.I was selling my car to this young lady.She brought me a deposit of $960.00 and said she would be back in one week to pick up car and pay unpaid ballance $1540.00.It has been one month and now has caused me to get behind on my b...

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My brother got a DUI and possession charge. The advice he was given by an attorney is that in Cobb, as a first offender, the Public Defender could get it reduced and nolo contendre would apply. Any thoughts? I think he's being a dumb a&& not calling you, by the way.


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I work for a local rock band. Last June while I was moving some equipment, one of the larger and heavier cases on wheels rolled through a portion of the parking lot and hit another vehicle belonging to the valet company who are a third party of the venue I was at that evening. Minimal damasge w...

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Speeding and ran a stop sign  asked 8 Jan 2010

Good afternoon George. I listen to you on the Regular Guys, and I've got a question about going to court without legal representation. My court date is in January in Loganville, GA. In court proceedings the defense has the right of discovery about the evidence that the State is going to show bef...

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Move Over Law  asked 3 Jun 2010

My wife was pulled over a couple weeks ago for failing to move to an adjacent lane when passing an emergency vehicle. Please correct me if I am wrong in this, but the "Move Over Law" states that you must either move to an adjacent lane or slow down well below the speed limit when passing an emerg...

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DOT physical failure  asked 11 Jan 2010

Mr Stein, I doubt I have a case or any retribution but I just thought I would ask you. In 2007 I took a DOT physical to go work for a package shipping company at a Clinic in Atlanta and passed. Wi...

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stolen money orders  asked 14 Jan 2010

Hi George, I enjoy your segments on The Re gular Guys. I was hoping you could give me some advice on a matter relating to stolen rent at my apartment complex. My ro...

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Ticket for wrong way  asked 12 Feb 2011
First, love you on the radio! You sound like such a good guy! So handsome, too! Second, I was a victim of a street trap. I was in downtown Atlanta and was carefully driving, and very slow, I might add. I know that the streets are tricky. I came to an intersection where there were at least ...