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Hello George, I am a long time listener of The Regular Guys, and just love your segment. I wasn't able to call in this morning. Sister had garage sale (dumb move) and sold husband's lawnmower to neighbor's adult kid for more $$ than husband told her to when husband wasn't there. Husband came home and wasn't happy with sister. Sister's friend took check for lawnmower to neighbor (not adult kid because adult kid wasn't there), shook hands, and got lawnmower back. Neighbor adult kid sent other brother over with cell phone to talk to friend who got mower back. Demanded that the mower be returned and that they would return later with the cops if we didn't give the mower back. Said that there was a language barrier and neighbor didn't understand City of Lawrenceville cops showed up and accused us of "throwing check" at them, and lots of other scenarios. They told us that they didn't have to give the check back, and I totally agreed. I maintain that the adult kid should have a problem with his father, and not us. They went on to say that they couldn't do anything about a civil matter, but that the adult neighbor kid could take my sister to small claims court. Incidentally I did apologize for them having to come out when they first got there, and they said "that's okay, we really weren't doing anything". What do you think? You know you're a redneck if the law shows up at your garage sale. Thanks for your time.

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