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I am a regular listener to "The Regular Guys" Show and I have a question about if I have a case or not. We had a problem with our electricity in our home back in June. Our lights started flickering then we lost power. We had an electrician come out and he said there was a problem with the transformer and that we needed to have GA Power come out. We had them come out and the service engineer for Ga Power checked inside the transformer and found out that ants had eaten the thru the 220 line to our house. so it blew the power to the house and damaged most of our big appliances - stove, fridge, A/C unit, the dryer, the hot tub and many small items had to be replaced. He told us to file a claim with Ga Power- that they should cover the costs for repairs, etc because it is ther responsibility to take care of the transformer. We did what he said- didn't get greedy just wanted to be reimbursed for the repairs - which came up to be around $2,0000.00. The claims dept told us to keep all our repair receipts that we did, so that led me to believe that they would cover these repairs- Well we were DENIED the claim with GA Power as they stated that it was an "Act of Nature" and they could not have prevented it. I spoke with several "upper" people with GA Power and they all said the same thing.. I do not agree. I feel that an act of nature would be lightning, or a hurricane, storm, tree falling ,etc. But this could have been prevented had they done regular checks to THEIR transformers - they are locked - we can not get in there. They said they dont have enough manpower to check all the transformers... I feel that they think we will just take no for an answer and not fight it as we have not other choices for power sevice either in the Roswell Area. Would it be worth it to take them to small claims court? We just feel that they should be responsible for the upkeep of THEIR transformer and THEIR property. This could happen again. The claims adjuster even told me that Georgia does have a problem with ants, etc but they have a duty to GA Power customers to keep rates down and that if they paid claims like this - the rates would go up, etc. Wouldn't they have insurean ce to cover claims like this. They told us to claim it on our homeowners - but it wasnt our fault and we shouldnt be penalized on our insurance rates going up because of this claim. Please help !!!

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