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Ticket for wrong way  asked 12 Feb 2011
First, love you on the radio! You sound like such a good guy! So handsome, too! Second, I was a victim of a street trap. I was in downtown Atlanta and was carefully driving, and very slow, I might add. I know that the streets are tricky. I came to an intersection where there were at least 3 large signs saying "No Right Turn". I creeped up to the intersection, in the second left lane, looking up in the intersection to make sure that I could turn. Well, there was a Police sergeant waiting for me. No warning. This is the second time in the past 10 years Ii have done this. That is my only violation. I have never been caught speeding, nor causing an accident and I am a senior citizen (hip one). This was a trap intended to catch me. I was so angry that I just sat there. I watched the cop, While I was there he told a girl to turnaround as she was going the wrong way "and could be ticketed" but she wasn't. She was at least 40 yds into the street. Some people were stopped and I was watching carefully. The thirty minutes that I stayed I saw cars parked under no parking signs. There was a car parked ahead of me with a paper tag "tag applied for". I am sure it was legal. I came back and parked and took pictures of the illegally parked cars. I took pictures of the intersection and showed that from the lane I was in the only "one way" sign was blocked by a pole. Elsewhere in Atlanta there are signs that say "no turns". There wasn't one there because it was a trap. I want to fight this if you think I can win. If you do, I would like to hire you if I can afford you. Please do not use my name on the radio!! Thanks, Candice Hearn 404 295 5878

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