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I had sent this last week, but I am not sure that it went through. My son who is in college received a speeding ticket in Rabun Co on his way home for Thanksgiving. He was speeding as he missed the reduced speed sign on the highway. In reviewing the citation afterwards, we noticed that the officer had entered the wrong vehicle info, ie make, model, registration, license tag, & state. My guess is that he entered this info from a previous citation before he stopped my son. My question is if this mistake is enough for the judge to dismiss the citation. Should we contact the court beforehand to advise them of this issue or just show up for the court date? My son has a clean record up to this point, & I want to avoid having the insurance co. remove his safe driving discount. Any advice would be appreciated. I am a regular TRG listener & have heard you on the show. If you respond, will it be via email or on your website? Thanks.

Answer  answered 8 Dec 2013 - 2788 days ago

You best bet is to say nothing. However, call the clerk of the court and ask if you can “waive” your arraignment ahead of time without going down there. Next, put this on a bench trial (which is a judge trial) calendar. Present the mistakes then and you should prevail. Of course, you may want to talk (via phone) to the prosecutor ahead of time. They may offer a few things for your son to do in exchange for dropping the speeding ticket.Let me know if you need further assistance. If so, call my office: 404 522-1000…Ask for MaryBeth Wood. 

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