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Hi George - I received a citation for, according to the issuing officer from a Riverdale cit

y police department in a small town south of metro Atlanta, going 45 in a school zone. I listen to you when I can on Regular Guys and know, from hearing you, that I'm allowed to respectfully ask questions during the stop. And I respect law enforcement. That's why I asked the issuing officer the following questions/brought these issues to his attention: -- How my supposed speed was clocked. I was told that another officer had registered it via laser. The officer who gave me the citation wasn't the officer who clocked me on the laser and the issuing officer told me that. Is the officer who registers the speed also supposed to be the issuing officer or does that matter? I also didn't see the officer set up with the laser. There were cars in front of me and behind me on the road, a two-lane. Cars were being directed to pull over left and right and there were three officers issuing tickets on a side road as one directed others to pull over at a stop sign. I thought it was an insurance stop. After I asked to see the laser and how it was calibrated, I was told "The court will have to give you that information." I never was shown my speed on laser. -- I was told I would be taken to jail if I didn't sign the ticket after asking (politely, again) what the alternative to signing the citation would be. I asked b/c I haven't had a ticket in years. -- What the case number was b/c I couldn't completely make it out on the ticket. He told me (twice) that it ended in a "2." I politely said that it looked like a "6" to me and I just wanted to get it right in case I called the court for information. He said "No, it's a TWO. I'm looking at it right here." But in looking at the ticket, it clearly appears to be a "6" when compared to other "2s" on the ticket. -- He told me "It's not personal, just a job" once when I began taking notes, although I'd never said anything to him to spur such a comment. He also told me "You don't have to write it down; it's all on the ticket" when I got out my notepad and a pen to take notes. I simply, politely told him that the notes were just for my own records in case I needed to call the court about the case. -- Numerous times he asked me "Do you have any more questions or are you good to go now?" and at one point said "Now I have a question for YOU -- what's your eye color?" He failed to write that in on my ticket originally (it's not on my copy). I told him and I guess he wrote it on his copy. But it's not on mine. -- The ticket says "Speeding (School Zone)" and in the remarks section "844 feet." I know Ga. allows laser info from 2000 feet but I don't know if this means they registered me 844 feet from where the officer was clocking, 844 feet from the first school zone sign (which the officer recommended I go back and check the location of), 844 feet from the school itself? -- I don't know how fast I was or wasn't going. I may not have been going 25 but I may not have been going 45, either. And I wasn't shown anything to prove to me conclusively that I WAS going 45, even after asking. Sorry to be long but I don't want a huge fine, points and insurance increase for something that hasn't yet been proven to me to be true. I respect traffic laws, police officers and I'm a good driver with a safe record. I only want to be treated fairly, whatever the outcome. Please help. Thanks.

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