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Good morning Mr. Stein. I have a question concerning the accuracy of information written on a Traffic Citation. A couple weeks ago, I was cited for 2 tickets. Failure to Stop at a Stop sign and speeding 50 in a 35. The officer said that I didn't touch my brakes as I approached the stop sign at a 3 way intersection in Loganville, GA and then said I was going 50 mph after I turned right at the stop sign. I may not have been paying attention as well as I should have, but I did stop at that sign. My defense: There was a car making a left hand turn in front of me. There is a steep drop off on the right hand side of the road that makes me sweep out a little bit into that lane from which that car was coming out. DId I come to a complete stop? Probably not to his liking but I did stop. The second ticket (50 in a 35) I don't believe. The road from the beginning stop sign to the next stop sign is about 1/10th of a mile. I drive a Odyssey Touring van. Since being cited for these infractions I have tried to get the van upto 50mph before having to slow for the next stop sign that crosses Hwy 20 in downtown Loganville. I have been able to get it only to 43 at the max. Also the speed limit is actually 30mph on this short road. My questions to you are: Can the speeding ticket be thrown out since he inaccurately put down the wrong speed limit? Is it wise to make a video in my defense showing the drop off on the right hand side of the road and my attempts to get the van upto 50 mph in that short span of road? I'd hate to bring in evidence showing me attempting to break the law, but when I get to court I feel that it will be a my word v. cop's word about the events of that day. I kept my mouth shut and signed the tickets knowing that this wasn't the time to argue my case. I think that the cop was having a bad day and saw that I didn't see him hiding next to the shrubbery on the other side of the 3 way stop (They hide there off the roadway). I think that since he saw I didn't see him there and didn't see him behind me until he lit them up when I stopped at the next stop sign, I probably wasn't paying attention to how I was driving. He could be right thinking that. I drive that stretch of road everyday atleast twice a day. I've had one other speeding ticket in the last 19 years, recently for speeding 65 in a 50. I appreciate your opinions and the time that you take to help others each week on the Regular Guys. Please respond at your earliest convenience.

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