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George, I have been listening to you for years on the Regular Guys and always get a good laugh from your segments and the unfortunate souls who run upon the wrong side of the law. I could never identify with them until now. Here is my problem. Park Atlanta is a parking management sub contractor for the City of Atlanta. Their contract with Atlanta guarantees an annual $5.5 million to the City with no net costs. One focus of Park Atlanta is reducing a backlog of more than 150,000 outstanding parking tickets responsible for about $7 million in uncollected fees. Over the weekend we receive a 10 day notice from Park Atlanta informing us of two violations for my wife’s car. The letter is threatening to turn us over to collections and boot/tow our car. Upon review, the tag matches the one we have registered for the car, however she works in Conyers and was not in Atlanta on these dates. Red flags are flying up, so naturally we investigate by calling the people at Park Atlanta. The person we spoke to informs us that the tickets are issued to the tag and the vehicle is a CHEVY TRAILBLAZER and they did not check the VIN number. I go check my car thinking the tag must be stolen. No, the tag is on the FORD FUSION she drives daily. I have never owned a Chevy. Park Atlanta’s representative informs us we can no longer contest the tickets due to the date they were issued. Our chance to contest was when we received the ticket????!!!!! Me: "Can we have a copy of the tickets?" Park Atlanta: "Oh no, you just said they are not yours." Me: " So, you agree these are not ours, but we still have to pay them?" Park Atlanta "Yes…." Me: "…." I call the city of Atlanta traffic court thinking this must be a scam. I speak with the Supervisor and find out Park Atlanta is legit and in his system there are NINE total violations for this Chevy Trailblazer with my tag dating back to November 2008! He informed me to contact the tag office and have them fax over the documentation that this tag was purchased by us and is for a Ford Fusion not a Chevy Trailblazer. I called Newton County tag office and spoke with someone and she faxed over the documentation. This was Monday morning. Tuesday afternoon we called the Supervisor back at the Atlanta Traffic court and he informed us he has taken care of the problem. He tells us he will mail copies of the tickets to our house in case we are in a traffic stop. However another call to Park Atlanta reveals we are still in the system. We give a day for their system to update. As of today (Thursday) Park Atlanta is still maintaining we owe for the tickets. They are going to turn us over to a collection agency. I do not want my credit ruined. I have great credit. They are going to boot/tow my wife’s car. I don’t want that. She drives my two year old to daycare and back. And I watch that show "Parking Wars" and know what a costly, time consuming matter this can be. What if this Trailblazer is involved in a hit and run or robs a bank? They are going to come arrest me! I investigated getting a new tag and was informed even if we do, the old tag will still pull up my name. So traffic violations will still be sent to me along with a ticket for having an expired tag!! I want the tickets removed. I want whoever is responsible for this problem held accountable for the time and frustration we have had to deal with. What is going on? What can I do? Case or No Case?

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