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Hi George, loyal listener of the regular guys here. I, against better judgement now, plead guilty to a charge of simple battery in April of 2004 or 2005, can't exactly remember and don't want to have to look it up. I won't get into the details of what happened and why for time sake, but I have a question. Can and when would I be able to purchase and own a firearm in my name? I have read a few places that Georgia is pretty unforgiving about this sort of thing. It has been quite some time since all this transpired. My record is clean of any other sort of criminal activity. Only other thing ever are maybe a speeding ticket or two. I completed all that was asked of the courts after conviction and to their satisfaction and have kept my nose clean since. Essentially, I'm a good boy who had a very unlucky night with a lapse of judgement. So, again...will I ever be able to purchase a handgun in the state of Georgia in my life? Thank you for your time, George. Best regards, B

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