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Lease Problems  asked 28 Mar 2011
My girlfriend just split with her ex. Problem is they have an apartment together and the lease says " each person, corporation, or roommate who signs this lease or any guarantor under a separate guarantor's contract is jointly and severally liable for all rent or other charges which come due. management may look to any residen or guarantor for payment of all or a part of any obligation due without first suing or attempting to collect from any other responsible party." As per typed out from her reading the lease. She had an agreement with him where he would pay the rent she would pay the power bill. Well, he is now saying he wont pay the rent, and he cant afford to buy out the lease so she might get stuck with either the rent, or the full price of buying out the lease. She is going next week to talk to them and see if she can, at least, buy out her half of the lease. My question is, if he doesn't pay the rent or his half of buying out the lease is there anything she can do to get basically get his half through a suit, or is there anything she can do to just cover her half and protect herself?

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