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Mr. Stein, I was not able to get through on the Regular Guys morning show on 100.5 to ask you a question. I was recently written a citation for "animal at large" in Forsyth County. My dog got off of his leash while I was taking him to the bathroom and some lady freaked about it. After the officer came out I thought I was guilty of this charge. Then I read the law in Forsyth County. It says the animal is at large if it is not under restraint or not under voice control. I have not been able to find anything that defines what voice control is under Forsyth County law. My dog is always under voice control when I take him outside. He responds to my commands. As soon as I saw him approach the lady I yelled at him and he went into my garage which one could argue is voice control. Do you think I have a case? Thank you

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