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I listen to the regular guys and know you do DUI deffense too but could not find an email for you at the other website. I am upset to say that I recieved a DUI early Saturday morning in December around 3:30 am. I was speeding through an intersection on Peachtree Road downtown to make a light and did not realize I was speeding. I was pulled over by Georgia State Patrol , for what I thought was running a red light when I was told I was going 62 in a 35. While I was pulled over the officer asked me to step out of the car. I talked with him for a couple minutes and denied drink allegations. He asked to take a field sobriety test and breath test to which I respectfully declined. I told him I didn't trust those machines and that it was set up for people to fail whether they have been drinking or not. I was arrested and taken to the station where I submitted to a breath test after informing him that three people before me blew the exact same number and that I did not feel that this machine was accurate. I told him that I would gladly take a blood test to which he responded that I must take the breath test first. I submitted unwillingly. The results were the same as the three people in front of me, a .142. I was not allowed to refute the test and was taken straight to a cell without a blood test to which I requested multiple times. I am in medical school and extremely worried about getting licensed with the DUI on my record. My ultimate goal is to have the charges dropped so that it will not show up on my record when applying for residency in the next few years. What are my options and do I have a case?

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