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I purchased a couple of single family homes. They were rental properties and I never lived in any of them. I sold the homes several years later. Recently I was laid off and as part of the process of looking for another opportunity, I checked my credit report and scores (since that is what potential employers might do.) I discovered on my credit report a notation that a lien had been placed/transferred on one of my properties. The property in question was sold in Jan. The credit report only shows the transfer of a lien, not the original lien. I have the HUD 1 statements showing no outstanding liens or judgments against the property and it shows all utilities and taxes paid through the property sale date. Through further investigation, it appears that some taxes were not paid and a lien was put against the property. I was never informed of the lien, since I did not live in the residence, it was a rental property. Fulton County filed the lien then sold it on the secondary market; Vesta Holdings purchased the lien. A few months after Vesta Holdings purchased the lien, the lien was satisfied. I don’t know how the lien was satisfied but there is no current lien and Vesta Holdings has never asked me for any money. I sent a fax to Vesta Holdings asking for more information and all they did was send me a hard copy of the lien transfer. They never showed who paid for the lien and/or the current state. Having this on my credit report has lowered my score by at least 40 points and may cause difficulty in finding viable employment. It probably has already cost me something in higher interest rates or unwanted scrutiny that I am not aware of. Thanks in advance for your consideration in this matter.

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