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Good afternoon George, I didn't get time to go on air to ask my question on today's Regular Guys show so here is my brief situation. I was a part of my friends wedding in Florida over the weekend. It all started when we were leaving the wedding reception at the bride's father's golf course. I left to go back to the hotel when I was pulled over just as I made it in the parking lot. He originally stopped me for running a stop sign just before I turned into the hotel parking lot. The officer saw my girlfriend (who was drinking) and asked if I had been drinking as well, which I replied yes. He asked me to step out to conduct the field sobriety tests. Apparently I failed because I was arrested and brought to their local jail. Once I arrived, I answered questions about the situation, which I answered honestly and proceded to the breathalyzer machine. I passed the test but was forced to spend 8 hours in jail and had to pay bond to get out. I asked them what am I being charged with if I passed the test and was clearly not intoxicated and they replied it is mandatory I spend 8 hours in jail for DUI. The sergeant that I spoke with was sympathetic with me due to the circumstances but there wasn't anything she could do. She did however suggest I contact the state attorneys office in a few days to explain the situation and to see if they will continue to press charges or drop it. Obviously, I will have to pay for the stop sign ticket. If they decide to drop the DUI charge, does that mean it will be removed completely? Thanks for your time!

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