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Dui issue  asked 30 Dec 2015
My wife got a dui after a fight with her sister. However she was not driving at the time and agreed to meet the deputy's to which I drove her to where they asked to meet. She was also charged with wreck less driving and child endangerment. My question is how can they charge her with this when she wasn't driving and agreed to meet the officers for questioning about the fight. They did a field test which she failed and arrested her with no breath test but did a blood test later that night. She did have her niece in the car which is where the fight took place but it was about an hour from the fight where she was driving until I drove her to meet the officers.

Answer  answered 31 Dec 2015 - 2035 days ago

DarrellThey can charge her if she "admitted" to driving. However, the government's case against her may be weak.George Stein

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