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I heard you on the radio this a.m. and am writing to ask you a question about my baby son who I currently am paying the maximum child support for. I was never married to his mom. I have been paying court ordered child support since 3 months after my son's birth date. The state takes the support directly out of my check. I am paid hourly at my job. My business is greatly affected by severe weather conditions, and especially hurricanes. The year they assessed child support against me, they based it on the previous year when we were still digging out from all the previous years hurricane claims, among other types of claims, and as a result they allowed limitless overtime. as a result I had a great year the year they assessed child support against me, and they used that yearly net amount as the amount on which they would base my child support. Now my company has shut down overtime all together and they will write you up if you get so much as 10 mins overtime. Because of that I am severely strapped financially. Would it be possible to get the child support amount they currently deduct from my check, amended due to that fact? Thanks.

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