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I have a legal question I’m hoping you can help with – an attorney I spoke with recently was not any help (just said “yeah, you’re stuck”), and this situation is preventing me from getting married. My fiancé owns a townhome in Kennesaw, GA that is approx. 3 years old. The builder recently pulled out without finishing the buildout of the subdivision, so the HOA is still not yet in the hands of the homeowners. The builder has sold its share of interest to its money partner, who will elect a new BOD for the HOA (still not in the hands of the homeowners since there is no buildout complete). Due to not only the economy, but the situation in this subdivision, my fiancé would lose ~$50k on the sale of this home. He needs to get out of the home in order to set a wedding date and be able to move in together. Speaking with the HOA, we are told there is nothing we can do. We would have to get a "waiver" to be able to rent from BOTH the City and the HOA. The HOA has told us that you must prove hardship before the City, and that that typically is in cases of military transfers, etc. We need to know what our legal options are to be able to rent this property, and if it entails trying to get a waiver from both the City and HOA, then what precedents have been set that would let us know that our situation would be a good candidate for a waiver. Because if we don't get one, then we're back to square zero and need to know legal options. It would be most helpful to have advice from someone with experience. Thanks so much,

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