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Long story short, some idiot above me in the condo caused a flood which ruined 19 units. Building management hired some God-awful company that's just plain slow and more than a little sketchy to pull up the hardwood floors and put new ones in. The company somehow convinced building management my entire floor needed to be removed (I'm renting so I couldn't say 'no' because I sure as hell would've) which took 2 days and rendered my place most unlivable. They finally got the floor up and now haven't been here in three days to begin the process of replacing the floor and items. Quick hits: - Right after the flood a company came and connected about a dozen units to demhudify/dry my condo. All of these were hooked into my power (including the ones used to dry the hallway) so I'm fully expecting a $1000 or higher power bill. How can I fight that? - The baseboard wasn't wet, but the company claims it was and will likely use that as an excuse for taking these days off. Some way to fight that? - I'm betting this company is on vacation for the rest of the year because of Christmas holiday. I have Loss-of-use insurance but not enough to cover THAT many days. Something I can do here?

Answer  answered 15 Nov 2012 - 3106 days ago

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