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When you were on the Regular Guys yesterday, I was on hold to ask you a question, but was never able to get on the air. First of all, thank you for everything you do, you have one hell of an understanding of the law. My question has to do with probation. Currently, I am on a 3 year probated sentence for Financial Transactional Credit Card Fraud. The victim was my dad's ex wife. I have paid all stated mandated fines and fees, and have completed all conditions set fourth by the Judge. I was given first offender, which is good because everything will be expunged when my probation is over. If I was to request early termination of probation, would you recommend using an attorney? Or am I able to petition the judge directly? Also, in your opinion, what are the chances that the judge will grant early termination? Unfortunately, the Judge has a reputation of being a real hard ass, so I don't know what my chances are. Any insight you can provide in this matter would be a huge help. Thanks again for everything you do!

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