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Hello George. I listen to you on the Regular Guys. Several years ago (maybe '05) I got arrested in Arkansas for possesion of MJ less than oz, paraphenalia and soliciting (magazines) without a permit. They let me go go the next day wanting me to come to court later. I never went to court because I ca...

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parking ticket  asked 24 Jan 2011
Can license suspension happen due to an unpaid parking ticket in atlanta? If not what actions may be taken besides the late fee?...

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Long story short, I drive a truck for a distributor. I was in an illeal lane and pulled over by GSP. My citation says nothing about me having a CDL license or that I was driving a commercial vehicle. Since the citation was filled out incorrectly, does that mean the case can be thrown out by a judge?...

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Barrack Obama Legal Tip  asked 12 Dec 2010
George provides a legal tip based on current state of the economy...

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I got a citation from Morgan County for going 73 in a 55-zone of Hwy-441 near Madison. The fine is $180. I was wondering if it would be worth it to make he court appearance to try to minimize the effect on my car insurance. I am 21 years old, and I don't know how it will affect the insurance rates, ...