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Lease Problems  asked 28 Mar 2011
My girlfriend just split with her ex. Problem is they have an apartment together and the lease says " each person, corporation, or roommate who signs this lease or any guarantor under a separate guarantor's contract is jointly and severally liable for all rent or other charges which come due. m...

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I failed to make a complete stop in a neighborhood, and forgot the court date. Just remembered and looked it up online. Can pay online, I'm 5 days late. Should I pay it, would they allow it to be rescheduled and would it be possible to get fee reduced and no points? Was in Fulton County...

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Ticket for wrong way  asked 12 Feb 2011
First, love you on the radio! You sound like such a good guy! So handsome, too! Second, I was a victim of a street trap. I was in downtown Atlanta and was carefully driving, and very slow, I might add. I know that the streets are tricky. I came to an intersection where there were at least ...

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Speeding ticket  asked 25 Jan 2011
I was recently pulled over on ga. 400 by A.P.D. for doing 88 in a 55. Does this make me a super speeder? Should I hire an attorney to try to minimize the damage to my otherwise good driving record?...

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While stop at an intersection, the car in front of me proceeded to turn right and decided to stop after making the turn in a merging lane. Unaware that the driver had stopped , I moved to the stop sign and watched for oncoming traffic. Once I had a clear path , I proceeded to turn right, colliding...