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we were court ordered to go to mediation within 60 days and her lawyer will not respond or agree. what can be done to get this divorce and protective order over with?...

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Charged with battery  asked 13 Oct 2011
My girlfriend and i get into a argument, i grabbed her kicked her leg. Her mom called the police they took pictures of her, and i was taken to jail. My girlfriend didnt want to press any charges, she went the the jail office and said she wanted all charges dropped. I got out on a 2,500 bond. Can i...

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Wreckless Driving  asked 3 Oct 2011
I was driving through a parking lot on Saturday and did not see a policeman who was walking accross to his car. He ticketed me for wreckless driving...what am I facing? ...

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traveling to Canada  asked 3 Oct 2011
Do you know the specifics about trying to get into Canada with a 5 yr old DUI conviction? The website says it will be very hard to gain access with a DUI on your record. Is there any way around this?...

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George, I was cited doing 54 in a 35. When I would not sign the citation he also cited me for failure to sign citation. I know I was only doing 45 what should I do to beat these or at least get it lowered to 49 in a 35?...