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ticket for a car wreck  asked 28 Sep 2010
i was involved in an accident on 75 south right on that crest turn at the grady curve.it was two cars where the back one hit the firt. and i was a car behind he was weaving traffic in the first place changed lanes real quick to the left and i was trying to avoid that wreck and turned forward to see ...

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Hi George, I listen to you on the Regular Guys every week and hope you can help advise on ticket I received. I received a speeding ticket on Buford Hwy going 60 in a 45. I asked the officer two times before he wrote the ticket if he would list the ticket at 14 miles over the speed limit rather ...

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Atlanta race DWI  asked 8 Sep 2010
Our plan was to stay with friends in the infield at the speedway but my wife got extremely druck and demanded to go home. She could not drive and l hadn't have a beer in several hours so I had to drive. Here is the problem, I plead guilty to a DUI in O8 and am still driving on a work permit even tho...

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Financial  asked 7 Sep 2010
Can you return an item that you purchased through financing? My husband purchased a UTV on Saturday and by Monday knew it was a mistake. Monday was a holiday. He called on Tuesday and was told that he could bring it back and they would try to sell it but that was all they could do. Is there any othe...

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10 day rule  asked 6 Sep 2010
hey george how do i tend to the 10 day rule what is the procedure in this. thank you...