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.092 DUI at Road Block  asked 15 Mar 2010

George, I recently got a DUI at a road block which was 2 miles from my house. I had a couple of beers so I didn't think it was a big deal and I blew. It showed .091 and .095. He wrote down .092. It was in Jasper County, GA and it was a GSP who conducted it. Any way to get out or what recours...

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Gym membership  asked 15 Mar 2010
Hi! My name is Sarah and I joined a kickboxing gym in Dec 09. I joined because I wanted to take kickboxing classes, there was more than one gym I could use and I wanted machines I could use during the cold winter months. When I joined the machines were run down but was told that they were going to ...

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traffic obsruction  asked 12 Mar 2010
About two years ago my wife got stopped by cop in gwinnett county for driving to slow in the left lane. her ticket stated that she was going between 65-72 mph. when she went to court and the judge read the offense he told her she did nothing wrong and case dismissed. last week we went to get i...

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Bankruptcy  asked 10 Mar 2010
I am considering bankruptcy. My auto is financed in my name as well as my mom's. I do not want to harm my moms credit. Is there any way to do this? I would like to keep the vehcile but the payment is too high. ...

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Speeding Ticket  asked 8 Mar 2010

I recently received a 56 in a 25. I have some minor traffic violations from awhile ago. I haven't pled nolo in the past 5 years, but not sure if that's the best idea given it is a 30+ ticket. What are some steps I could take to hopefully get the ticket reduced. I thought about signing up for defe...

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My former phsychiatrist now has a lawyer after i made a report about him being innaproppiate i am afraid that will effect my being on dissability for phsychiatric problems.I'm also on dissability for a head injury that causes seizures.I don't know what I should do to protect myself.Ifeel like I ...

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Lawyer representation  asked 22 Feb 2010

Dear Mr. George Stein, I just recently put a restraining order on my 13 yr old son and his mom because they have been harrassing and threatening me via text messages and phone calls. Because I have taken this restraining order out on them, I am afraid that they will retaliate. I believe that s...

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I received a ticket for not moving over one lane when I passed two police cars in Doraville. I called to ask the fine & was told it is a mandatory court appearance. I have to be in court on Tuesday March 2nd & am asking your professional opinion on what I should do? My license in clean...

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move over law  asked 17 Feb 2010

I received a ticket & summons for not moving over one lane to two police officers writing a ticket. This happend in Doraville & I was not speeding & was following a truck in front of me who also did not move over. I called about the fine & they said this is a mandatory court app...

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Witness statements:  asked 17 Feb 2010
My question is. In the state of Georgia, specifically Douglas County. Can a persons witness statement to the police has more than one hand writing on it indicating that it appears that more than one person wrote on the statment when only one person technically filled it out and signed the stateme...

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traffic accident  asked 17 Feb 2010

On Friday febuary 12th, I was in fender bender on cumming highway. It was bumper to bumper trafic and I hit a slick spot on the bridge over the Chattahoochee. Of course I recieved a ticket for following too close. The other driver did not have proof of insurance. What should I plea? If I plea gui...

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verbal contracts  asked 16 Feb 2010

I was wanting to fly my daughter up from Florida for a visit. She requested the ti

me off and was told twice that it would not be a problem. My wife and I purchased a ticket. Monday I was t...

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traffic ticket  asked 16 Feb 2010

received a notice in the mail to pay a traffic ticket for running a red light in november of 2008. they say they sent me a notice on november of 2009. they say they issued the ticket off a camera that shows my vehicle. my question is i dont know if i was driving the vehicle or not but if i pay th...

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Statue of Limitations:  asked 16 Feb 2010

Hi George, My question is, I was arrested two years ago Jan. 1st 2008 for misdemeanor shopliting and obstruction of a police officer. A year and 8 months had passed and I went to court 3 times over it. On the 3rd court date Sept. 1st, 2009 the prosecution failed to have all of it's witnesses a...

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expungement  asked 13 Feb 2010

I was charged with: · Disorderly conduct (3 times) · Misusing 911 · Hitting a cop (not sure I did this one.) Family violence But all the charges were dismissed but they all showed up on my background check. With those changes I’m I eligible ...

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Can my employer require me to install company software on my home computer?



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George, I really enjoy your segment on The Regular Guys; you're great at what you do. My brother is going through some rough times and he's living with me in Duluth. He relocated from Massachusetts and is currently working. He has a daughter in Mass. and a baby son living with us. He is payin...

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George, I have heard that if one suspects he/ she may fail one these tests it is

best to refuse all tests. Of course, I also understand that a license suspension is likely if the tests ar...

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breathalyzer liabilities  asked 8 Feb 2010

I was wondering if using (or playing with) a breathalyzer could increase or cause l

iability if something bad were to happen later? For instance, if I provided a breathalyzer, saw that my f...

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Does the city have to warn you there is a photo enforced light ahead. I travel thru some intersections where there is a sign posted. I believe I went thru an intersection this weekend where I thought the camera went off but I did not see any sign indicating photo enforced. I already received one ti...

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Failure to change address  asked 5 Feb 2010

last month i got pulled over in rockmart (Polk County) for speeding. The speeding ticket is only $120 but the officer also wrote me a ticket for failure to change address on my license. Since then i have changed it via internet and i was wondering if there is a good chance for me to get that one ...

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Deminnished Value  asked 3 Feb 2010

I have a 2000 Audi A6 Quattro that my wife was in an accident with, She was hit by another driver that was at fault and charged at the sene Audi was repaired for 12000 to 13000 but will nerver be the same as she recieved frame, Undercarrage, transaxleand motor dammage,,,,the other person in the ...

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Dealer sold me a stolen bike  asked 30 Jan 2010

I can never get through to you when you are on the radio but I have a case or no case question. I purchased a used bike from a dealer and made all the payment and 2 months after the bike was paid off I was told the bike had been stolen befor I purchesed and was made to turn the bike over to the c...

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In April of 2009 I had a reputable, well known, shop install a new high performance clutch on my old muscle car. In late November of 2009 my 'new' clutch burned up and froze causing the car to not be drivable. I had the car towed to the shop to have them tell me it would cost me $200 for them to ...

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Deposit on an Apartment  asked 25 Jan 2010

It has been 3 months since I moved out of my apartment, which was inspected when I moved o ut a

ommission of a felony. I used my first offenders for this and completed the terms of probation....

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stolen money orders  asked 14 Jan 2010

Hi George, I enjoy your segments on The Re gular Guys. I was hoping you could give me some advice on a matter relating to stolen rent at my apartment complex. My ro...

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I am beginning an uphill battle for custody. I live in Spalding County and was wanting

to know if you can refer a good family law lawyer that is known to be pro father's rights. From my res...

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DOT physical failure  asked 11 Jan 2010

Mr Stein, I doubt I have a case or any retribution but I just thought I would ask you. In 2007 I took a DOT physical to go work for a package shipping company at a Clinic in Atlanta and passed. Wi...