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Question on a DUI.  asked 13 Apr 2010

I was arrested with a DUI in Tuscaloosa, Alabama in December of 2007. My lawyer and I appealed the conviction in circuit court and sent it to district court. My lawyer and I went to Tuscaloosa on 4-8-2010 to appeal the case back to the circuit court decision. So, I was found guilty of a DUI in...

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Hello, I received a ticket for doing 52 in a 35. What is my best course of action? My court date is the 14th of this week. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.


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fake id use in South Carolina   asked 5 Apr 2010
My son went to Charleston 2 weeks ago and was caught for using a fake ID He was written a ticket (to which he has lost) he called the court system to learn he has a mandatory court date next week. Do we need to seek council and if so, do we need to do so in Georgia or South Carolina? ...

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I was told the officer has to pace you for a least one mile before he can make his assesment of how fast you are moving if so is there a code number or staute that states this that I can take to court to get my case thrown out because the distance he paced me was 7/10ths of a mile....

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SON'S SPEEDING TICKET  asked 29 Mar 2010

My 19 year old son got two speeding tickets in two weeks. Neither were super speeder tickets, one was in Roswell and one was on the interstate in Cobb County. He's a full-time student and has class on his first court date, April 1st. When he was 16 he had a speeding ticket in Dahlonega and t...

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George, You have said that we should always refuse all sobriety tests even if we are completely sober. If I am sober and I refuse all tests what response should I expect from the officer? Will he confiscate my license on the spot? What is the process to overturn the 12 month license suspension?...

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Habitual Violator [40-8-58]; DUI-DRUGS AND ALCOHOL [40-6-391A4]; Possession of open alcohol container [40-6-253]. These are my charges!! I have already gave $300, to an attorney; without signing anything. Naive, that I'm. She now wants $2200, more tomorrow. I am hoping to get t...

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My husband spoke with you or someone with your firm on the Regular Guys Show regarding issues we've been having with our vehicle loan. The company has reported us to the three major credit bureaus for late payments. Although I have made past payments online on the due date, I haven't made payme...

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Hi, Got a speeding ticket early January, I call the the number to check the fine and both ways they say no citation found. Court is end of this month. What should I do? Thanks for any help! ...

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Obstruction of Intersection  asked 17 Mar 2010

Peeteetong, I recieved a ticket this morning for obstruction of an intersection (I was clearly in the wrong). I have a spotless driving record and had hoped I would get a warning but that didnt happen! I would like to get out of this ticket. What are my options; should I retain lawyer servic...

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10 day rule  asked 16 Mar 2010
Dear George Stein, Where do you go to appeal for the 10 day rule after a DUI, and what exactly is the 10 day rule? Thank you,...

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2010 Census  asked 16 Mar 2010
Do I have to fill out all information on the 2010 Census form or can I just put the number of people living in my house and mail it in? I really don't think I need to provide them with my phone number, sex, date of birth etc....

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I was charged with posession of less than an ounce in 1983. Paid my fine and did the probation. Is it possible to have this charge permantly removed from my GCIC report? ...

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car accident  asked 15 Mar 2010

I was in a car accident May, 2007. There were a total of 4 cars involved. I was the only person that did not get a ticket. I was actually stopped behind a marta bus when I was hit from behind. I still have bumper damage that I can't afford to repair. Due to a lot of personal matters, have just n...

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Underage drinking  asked 15 Mar 2010
My 17 year old son son was in the car with another boy who was 18.They were pulled over because someone reported the truck weaving and they started following them.My son didn't know the boy was DUI but after riding with the boy he wanted out because he thought they were being followed and he realize...