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23 over on 400  asked 21 May 2010

This week I got a tijet for 23 over on 400 about 1 mile south of 285. The speed limit here is 55, however, I honestly thought it was 65. I've heard you say that you should speak to the prosecutor before you see the judge but how can you do this? And what do you say? Can I just be honest and ask f...

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My son was at the Braves game last Saturday and was arrested for sexual battery. In retr ospect it was a stupid thing to do, but he did that thing where you touch the top of somebody's chest and ...

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Franchise rights  asked 18 May 2010

Pateetong, I currently own the rights to distribute Pepperidge Farm products in a designated area

and one of the stores in my area is Wal-mart. Recently I was "kicked out" of the store bec...

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Stuck with ex-wife's debt  asked 17 May 2010
In my divorce my ex-wife was given her car and was to be responsible for the debt associated with it. After it was finalized we tried to get the car transferred into a loan in her name but she couldn't qualify. She stopped making the payments a few months ago and I've been making the payments to k...

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Family Law - Custody  asked 17 May 2010

I've been paying child support since 1999 for two children. the younger child (13) wants to

live with me for the next school year. I would like to know what my obligations and expectations ...

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Speeding ticket 13 years ago  asked 17 May 2010

I got a speeding ticket by a Georgia State Patrolman about 13 years ago and I don't know if I ever paid it and I don't know where exactly it was. I just moved to Georgia a few months ago and at the time of the ticket, I lived in Missouri. Is this ticket still valid? How do I find any informatio...

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Hi George, I rented a home to a tenant and we never signed a lease. It was to be a 12 month lease and I have a clause in my lease about forfeiture of deposit if they break the lease. The tenant ...

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George, My car was recently stolen and while filling out the paperwork for my insurance company (Nationwide) something raised a red flag. There is a form that they want me to sign that would allow them to get detailed account and transaction information from my bank, mortgage company, credit ca...

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Custody  asked 10 May 2010

George, w spoke briefly this morning on the Regular Guys show. I didn't want to give full details, because it's kind of a weird situation. The long and short is that I want to be seen as a 100% equal parent in the eyes of the law and school system.

At the time of our divorce, my wife ma...

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car vandalized  asked 4 May 2010

Hello, My 11 year old son vandalized so 3 cars along with 2 of his friends. My son was spendng the night at the friends house. There mom manages a Public Storage facility. They live on the property. She gave the kids the security code to the gate and left them unsupervised. Apparently, that i...

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Red light camera violation  asked 3 May 2010
Heard a listener talk about this briefly last Thursday. What is your advise if I received a red light camera citation, ordering to pay $70?...

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Family law/child custody  asked 3 May 2010
I currently have a shared custody agreement in Gwinnett county. Is it true that at 14 years old that a child can decide which parent that they can live with altering the current agreement? Can you reccomend a great attorney for this in Gwinnett county?...

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Following a car through a green light at a regular distance. Just before they entered the intersection the light turned yellow. SHE proceeded to slam on the brakes. With my larger car, slower reflexes and longer stopping distance, I hit her just inside the intersection. She had not even come ...

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What can we do to get a public apology and restore my wifes good name in the community?


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Help find a family lawyer  asked 14 Apr 2010

Regards to a past phone conversation with you could you please direct me to a family attorney in Douglasville. Thank you.