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DUI arrest  asked 11 Jun 2010
arrested without taking a breath test cause had flipped car while looking at GPS. Drank two glasses of wine hours before. I am in the process of changing jobs and they did a criminal background check. I have not been to court yet. Will the DUI show up on the BG check? ...

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Divorce  asked 7 Jun 2010
How can I get a divorce without an attorney? Do not have a 5000.00 retainer fee for one. Been married for 30yrs kids are all grown, but this won't be easy. Any suggestions? Stinger...

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Move Over Law  asked 3 Jun 2010

My wife was pulled over a couple weeks ago for failing to move to an adjacent lane when passing an emergency vehicle. Please correct me if I am wrong in this, but the "Move Over Law" states that you must either move to an adjacent lane or slow down well below the speed limit when passing an emerg...

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Funeral procession  asked 2 Jun 2010

I noticed when attending family funerals in North and South Carolina, it is custom to drive the past the deceased home. why is that?


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Being a Designated Driver  asked 2 Jun 2010
If your the D D. can you drink the non-alcoholic beer and still drive if you get checked ...

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I was arrested for DUI 2 weeks ago. I refused the alka sensor on the scene, accepted the breathilizer at the station, and blew .098. I requested a second test, which I had to pay for myself and was told would have to retrieve the results/pay to have tested myself. I had blood drawn approximately ...

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Parking in a Handicapped Spot  asked 30 May 2010

I parked in a handicapped parking spot to unload a few things. I was inside for roughly 20 minutes. When I came back I had a parking ticket on my windshield. What is the consequences of not paying it?


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I sent a "request" for an insurance quote through a service that provides quotes via the internet. I found out this service sends your information to several different companies. I realize what I did was stupid but I was leary of providing my information on the internet so I made up a name that...

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My friend referred 1 lady to another for tax preparations. When the refund didn't c ome, she


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Speeding Ticket Probation   asked 25 May 2010
I'm 17 years old. I have had a record with speeding tickets however I have no points on my license now. I got a ticket going 25 over and the Solicitor is willing to knock it down to a 3 point violation so I can keep my license. However he wold give me 6 months probation. What are the consequences of...

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Speeding Ticket  asked 25 May 2010
I got a speeding ticket in Ashburn, GA which is 160 miles from my home in Atlanta. It was for 88 in a 70. They want $374.00 to pay the fine before the court date with a guilty plea. The court date is scheduled for June 3rd. I guess my question is what would you advise me to do? $374 is a lot of m...

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Loitering or Prowling  asked 24 May 2010

My 19 year old son went to pick up a friend from his apartment complex. When he arrived, the fri

end was in a car with some other people smoking marijuana. My son was sitting in his car, ...

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Workplace not paying last check  asked 24 May 2010
My wife worked for a company in Atlanta when she started they witheld 2 weeks pay then she quit they refused to pay her last check and now 5 months later they have sent a letter saying that we owe them another $180 because she was a salary employee but she was not she got paid by the hour didn't get...

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I was pulled over in Gwinnett County for passing on a double yellow line because the car in front of me had his emergency flashers on and was going very slowly. Another vehcile also made the pass and we were both pulled over. The information on my ticket has my license plate number but the make, s...

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me and my wife got into it. i threaten to hit her and cause physical harm. so i got arrested for those charges. what do u think the judge may do with my case? i have no priors for this and this is first time ive been arrested before....