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speeding  asked 11 Jan 2010

I got a ticket doing 61 in a 45.what do i do to lessen the impact on my insurance?


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judicial review?  asked 11 Jan 2010

I would like to contest the legal drinking age by way of judicial review. How would I go a bout suing the state? Do I just go to the Fayette County Courthouse and say "I'd like to sue the state."?...

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My daughter recently moved to Florida for a new job. The application for a Fl drivers lic. asked if you have ever had 4 DUI's in your lifetime. She has, She had 3 in a seven month period in '98 and '99 and a final one in Hall county about three years ago. The first three were in Gwinnett Co. one ...

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firearm possesion  asked 11 Jan 2010
I wanted to know if a misdemeanor violation of a TPO aka misdemeanor stalking could prevent me from buying, owning or carrying a firearm? The incident was over five years ago but I wasn't sure if GA considered that a domestic violence crime. The incident happened when I was 18 and my girlfriend was ...

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AS you know, over the weekend many roads had ice on them. I work at a movie theater, and the home office said we had to be open no matter what. If someone was trying to get to work, and they were in a car accident could they file a claim against the company? It is more of just a law question, we ...

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Peteetong Gentlemen, I have a traffic law oriented question for the great George Stein that I've been dying to ask him. Unfortunately, I always seem to be driving to work in the morning when he shows up in your studio, and I'm one of those rare breed that actively tries to avoid talking on the ...

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Speeding and ran a stop sign  asked 8 Jan 2010

Good afternoon George. I listen to you on the Regular Guys, and I've got a question about going to court without legal representation. My court date is in January in Loganville, GA. In court proceedings the defense has the right of discovery about the evidence that the State is going to show bef...

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Dear George, I am currently a tennent at an Apartment complex and on 12/20/2009, I started a fire in my fireplace after checking that the flue was open. However, the apartment proceeded to slowl...

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I work for a local rock band. Last June while I was moving some equipment, one of the larger and heavier cases on wheels rolled through a portion of the parking lot and hit another vehicle belonging to the valet company who are a third party of the venue I was at that evening. Minimal damasge w...

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My brother got a DUI and possession charge. The advice he was given by an attorney is that in Cobb, as a first offender, the Public Defender could get it reduced and nolo contendre would apply. Any thoughts? I think he's being a dumb a&& not calling you, by the way.


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I would like your advice please on the following but I didn't want to go on the radio with this story since it sounds so white trash. A few years ago my ex husband had our son arrested for domestic violence for getting into a fight at the school bus stop with his own brother after the younger o...

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Expungement  asked 4 Jan 2010

When I was in college (2002) I was arrested in New Orleans during Mardi Gras for a misdemeanor possession of marijuana. I had the arrest expunged from my record. It is now 8 years later, I have passed the CPA exam, and I'm applying for licensure. The application asks: "Have you ever been con...

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Littering ticket  asked 4 Jan 2010

My girlfriend got a ticket in Rockdale county for throwing a cigarette butt out her car win dow. She called to get her fine amount and was told it is $700. She is going to go to court to try to fi...

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Large speeding ticket.  asked 4 Jan 2010

I was stopped 1 mile from my exit in late November at 1:30 in the morning traveling at 114 MPH in a 70 MPH zone by a city patrol on I 85. No excuse, just taking advantage of open road and my enjoyment of speed. Have 1-19-10 court date. Any tricks to saving some points/cash? The weather was clear...

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I heard you on the radio this a.m. and am writing to ask you a question about my baby son who I currently am paying the maximum child support for. I was never married to his mom. I have been paying court ordered child support since 3 months after my son's birth date. The state takes the suppor...