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Long story short, some idiot above me in the condo caused a flood which ruined 19 units. Building management hired some God-awful company that's just plain slow and more than a little sketchy to pull up the hardwood floors and put new ones in. The company somehow convinced building management my ...

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Expungement  asked 4 Jan 2010

When I was in college (2002) I was arrested in New Orleans during Mardi Gras for a misdemeanor possession of marijuana. I had the arrest expunged from my record. It is now 8 years later, I have passed the CPA exam, and I'm applying for licensure. The application asks: "Have you ever been con...

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DUI, less safe?  asked 4 Dec 2011
I was involved in accident that was clearly not my fault, but because the officer smelled alcohol on my breath I was given a DUI. I did not receive any other citation.I took the breath test and was under the .080.I blew a .076.They call it a DUI less safe. Should I fight this or should I plea guilty...

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I am beginning an uphill battle for custody. I live in Spalding County and was wanting

to know if you can refer a good family law lawyer that is known to be pro father's rights. From my res...

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Speeding and ran a stop sign  asked 8 Jan 2010

Good afternoon George. I listen to you on the Regular Guys, and I've got a question about going to court without legal representation. My court date is in January in Loganville, GA. In court proceedings the defense has the right of discovery about the evidence that the State is going to show bef...