The Regular Guys Radio Show

The Regular Guys hit the big time when they were hired in 1995 by Los Angeles's KLSX 97.1 FM. They were fired in 1997 after Eric and Larry had a hilarious meltdown on the air over station interference of their show. While just a bit, the management failed to see it that way and fired them. After a short while they found themselves in Atlanta, partnered with a good, old boy by the name of Southside Steve Rickman on WKLS 96 Rock. The Regular Guys were first fired in April of 2004 when a graphic interview with pornographic actress was accidentally aired over a commercial. The Regular Guys were rehired by early 2005 on their sister station, WGST Newsradio 640 AM. The format of news radio did not fit with their narrative style, and so they returned to 96 Rock in May. This was lovingly referred to as, "Version 2.0" from 2005-2006. In October of 2006, the Regular Guys Show mysteriously went into reruns. In October of 2006, The Regular Guys show was cancelled under circumstances after Larry recorded a conversation between two Mexican broadcasters while they were in the bathroom. Larry, having just come from a meeting, had his tape recorder on hand and was going #1 when the then-hosts of a radio station entered and went into adjacent stalls. Although they were speaking in Mexican, Larry could tell that in between the homoerotic giggling they were hurling insults at him. Larry got permission from Clear Channel management to play what he had recorded on the air, but the Mexicans sued because, much like their audience had done to America, they claimed Larry invaded their privacy. The lawsuit was thrown out in March of 2007 on the grounds that it was retarded. The Regular Guys returned to Atlanta airwaves on January of 2008 at 6:00 a.m. on a new Rock Station 100.5 FM. In 2008 the original two members of The Regular Guys added third Regular Guy, Southside Steve Rickman to the cast. A sea on ponytail holders fell from the ceiling during inauguration. Big Fat Tim Andrews, the official producer of the show, finally earned his Regular Guy merit badge in December of 2008.